(Album Review) The Start Looks Like The End By Dark Suburb

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West Africa needs a band that could represent us, Dark Suburb rose to that occasion with this album. We’ve  always known but we’ve not said too much about it. Perhaps a huge discredit to the band then. They’ve made it worse for us now by releasing an album, The Start Looks like the End that has commanded our fullest attention and really, what an album this is.

The Album

Dark SuburbFirstly, EVERYTHING about Dark Suburb is highly leading. From their entire get up to the way they grant interviews and, obviously, their appearance. If you are thinking, “Well, they look metally” you really aren’t the only one thinking this. I mean that’s what got me listening to the band, perhaps a bit too low from me to think this, judging a book by its cover and all that but you see, it worked. It got me listening to them and well, that’s just brilliant if this was what they were going for. With this thinking in mind and the realization, I wasn’t so sure what to expect from the album and I was pleasantly surprised, although I was NOT impressed with the first song on the album, Anthem. That just felt like the wrong song to start this lovely album with.

Now imagine they started the album with the gem of a song called Color Blind. This is such a simple but culturally and politically significant song now. The song is the real anthem, it’s a song that should be played every day as an African, Westerner, European, Asian, and Martian! Lyrically, the song maintains its simplicity and boy the simplicity syncs with the mind and that solo right after the first verse, glory-glory. Listening to the song now as I write this review. Dark Suburb don’t stray too far from their genre and they do that masterfully so much so the songs on the album sound different, to an acceptable degree.

And the way they fuse pidgin English into their songs works. YES it actually works. The album is well suited for Nigerians. They also proved with this album fusing “something African” into a style of music that is generally perceived as western can work. Let this album be that motivation then that you need to create your own style.


So Much More from Dark Suburb…

Dark Suburb clearly don’t care about what their reputation means about what they sing. The band isn’t afraid to go slow and soft, case in point the song “Don’t Hurt Me.” Heard this and I went, “cmon, really!” Emotions all over the place. It seems like the album has a little something for just about everyone. Even for you rock music elitist out there. While the album can be generally termed as ‘beautiful,’ as a whole there is a really dark edge to it.

The album speaks about things that are generally ignored by people (heart breaks for instance), or topics that not many wish to discuss much and that is  the non-conformist way of a rock band! We want to see bands sing about the forgotten topics. Someone has to voice them all out or better yet, single it as Dark Suburb has on this album. There are tons of standout songs here, my pick will be The Lunatic Questions, Color Blind, Don’t Hurt Me, Demons and Butterfly. And they all follow each other. Convenient. There are some song that don’t cut it though, I mean, they are there. Won’t point them out though.


I could talk about this album at length and I honestly didn’t cover much or anything. Not a disservice to this beautiful piece of music collection. No. You must discover this album on your own. It demands to be. This is the album you need to look to if you wonder what to do as a rock band in West Africa. The album does shine from afar and yes, the band probably shat all these songs effortlessly and masterfully. There’s just too much to discover with this album. Ghanaians must be proud.

Final Rating:  5/5 Stars


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