Dying Dreams by Nomiz King and the Bushy Lesbians

The song “Dying Dreams” was composed and produced by Nomiz King before he formed his band “The Bushy Lesbians”. The song tackles the inevitable question that every dreamer faces;  “should I give up or keep on working towards my dreams?”
The multitalented Nomiz King is a producer, artiste, graphic designer, director, DJ among other things. He hails from Kenya and has been making music since he was around 10 years old. A very versatile artiste with music that ranges from Metal to Dancehall.

Dying Dreams

Listen to the sample of Dying Dreams by Nomiz and the Bushy Lesbians.

His Metal band “The Bushy Lesbians” consists of four instrumentalists and two vocalists. They back him and other during live and studio performances. The band has received a lot of criticism from the Kenyan society because of their name to a point that they’ve considering changing it.The song “Dying Dreams” is the first single from their upcoming, yet to be named Metal album.

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