SAQAR Teasing an EP? We are Excited Then

Said it about a million times, we love EPs. It’s Christmas here when we hear about a band releasing an EP but this time not just any band see. SAQAR from the far north that is Egypt. In case you don’t know (shame on you by the way) SAQAR is a technical Death Metal band from that historic city of Alexandria. We had no idea this was happening till we got word from Khaled El-Sisi, the lead guitarist of the band. We also got us a tease video too and we are here for that kind of random surprise, check it:

The Video


Well then folks, what do you think about that? We want answers. So naturally as you would expect we wanted to know what to expect from the EP, here’s what Khaled El-Sisi had to say to us:

“…so the listeners should expect to hear something quite new and experimental to the egyptian metal scene, and hopefully, up to the level.”

We think Khaled is playing his cards really close to his chest here, trying to temper down the hype maybe? Ah well. Nothing to it. We are excited and we called dibs when the EP finally goes up too. That’s right!

Follow the band on their Facebook page, and remember Africa, support your local bands /,,/


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