Irony Destroyed Release a Single, Brace yourself for the EP

Kenya prides itself in having a wealth of metal bands. Great acts like Lust of a Dying Breed, In Oath, Absence of Light and many more have played live and released quality records between them. But one wouldn’t be remiss to say that, the scene has for a long time since 2013 been riding on its glory days, a metal scene more in name than in deed. The lack of technical know-how when it comes to recording and production hasn’t helped the situation. Bands and the fanbase have long complained that production needs to improve. Questions have also been asked whether the venture is financially sustainable for bands with most getting little or no returns from album sales.

But there have been glimmers of hope that all is not lost. In Oath in 2014 released a single, Tri-Infestation that pretty much took the country and the continental scene by storm. Lust of A Dying Breed did well with Divine Design, despite the change in style from Deathcore to Melodic Death Metal. Last Year’s Tragedy also won an award with the release of… Void of Belonging, took their belated first step with ‘Dream Again the same year. New entrants The Seeds of Datura tried their hand at it in 2016 with Wonderland.

But aside from the occasional single, it’s been a wilderness as far as records are concerned. But 2017 bears hope with local metal act Irony Destroyed who have announced the release of their debut EP Strife to Legacy (releasing on April 10th). Want a taste  of their single yes?  Have a listen here:

The Single:

The band admittedly has had a long time with the song and first released its teaser in 2015 following their maiden performance at March from the Underground. The band endured long years of difficulty in honing their skills and perfecting the song, a fact which provides insight to the concept behind the album title.

“We used everything we had which was mainly crazy hourly practice sessions at studios in town. We got banned in most of those studios but we kept looking for more instruments to destroy. Through all that strife we at least made an EP for guys to enjoy this year and the future is fucking brighter than ever man”  – Lawrence Muchemi

The single and the EP as a whole, therefore, bears a lot of significance for the band and prophetically for the scene itself. In Lawrence’s words “Oreon is the pinnacle of what we are chasing which is paradoxical since it is where we are coming from.” The EP explores the concept of the average Joe or Jane that is in the chase to get something at the end of the day, it is meant to show the importance of choice in getting what we want. For an onlooker and commentators alike, there may be nothing novel. Irony Destroyed aren’t breaking new ground as their forerunners and mentors for instance did. Metal is already established. It is more of a case of tried with relative success as was in the early phases of the scene. Then the new generation of bands like ID, take stock of what was done and begin their own journey.

“I started out as a guy who loved to sing death metal in 2013. But after meeting the guys and realizing our potential I was fuelled to expand my horizons. I recently hacked a new vocal technique which is on the single.” – Lawrence Muchemi

Inspired by the need to write a song that was a little different from other local metal songs, the band has set out to release a product that brings new dynamic in terms of vocals, melody and heaviness. And in that step, vocalist Lawrence Muchemi, points out that enactment played a vital role in enhancing the mood of the song.

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