Zombies Ate My Girlfriend are back With their Series

Ah yes, technology. Such a lovely thing really. You know these days you can start your very own channel on YouTube and be an even bigger star. All you need is time, and an interesting life. Well, you need more than that we admit but hey, you work with what you have no? When rock bands do it, it’s usually better. And by better we mean a lot better. Bunch of guys going at it, banter and all that with perhaps the occasional inside jokes which you as the viewer want to get and sometimes rare clips of them performing, clips you don’t see on TV. It’s just a damn brilliant way to show the coolest side of the band really and Zombies Ate my Girlfriend are doing it well, so well infact they are at Season 2 of their web series, Life of Zom, which they started a while back.


You will recall Zombies Ate my Girlfriend won the 2016 Wacken Metal Battle, Which was a fucking big deal here in Africa, cheers to them. So yes, they are up there with the best Africa has to offer, check out their performance here:

We feels bands can learn from this approach, explore the technological side when it comes to creating your scene. Gosh, can you imagine what bands from the 60s and 70s would have achieved if they had the same chance we do? Dear Lord, imagine Slayer videos getting banned from TV and then they go, “well fuck you all we have the internet and YouTube and it’s 1983 dammit!”

Support your local band folks and be sure to subscribe to Zombies Ate my Girlfriend’s channel too /,,/


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