Pictures From Xandria’s Performance At Origins Fest 2017 In Tunisia

The Origins Festival of First Nations in February held its Origins Fest 2017 musical concert in Tunisia. We here at Audioinferno try our best to get pictures and videos from local rock/metal events across Africa. It’s not an easy task, but we make sure we give our best efforts to the rock/metal community in Africa. On the 11th of February, 2017, German powerful symphonic metal band ‘Xandria’ came to Tunisia for the first time. Xandria was in Tunisia to perform at the Origins Fest 2017 along with some local acts that included Persona which bagged an award in the 1st edition of our Africa Rock Music Awards (ARMA). Other acts that performed alongside Xandria are Nawather, Cartagena, Susanoo and Ymyrgar.


Origins Fest 2017


Photo Credit goes to Yassine Bey, keep supporting your local rock acts \m/


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