Mythos Starting fire with their EP, Eternal Rage

People, before I can get this article out of the way, I feel it’s only fair I say this: All the band’s we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with show an incredible level of politeness. Not because they need anything from us but simply because that’s how they are. This doesn’t affect our judgments in terms of reviews and all but it is refreshing to interact with these bands and understand what they love about the genre. With that out of the way, BAM! Mythos with an EP. Good news says we. We talked about Mythos on the site a while back if memory serves me correct and to hear they have an EP (which is out by the way) gives me chills. Largely because I love me some Groove Metal which in turn makes me critical of Groove Metal bands, from time to time. Check out the EP below:

The EP

Played the EP we did and we already have a review in the pipes, should be out before Friday so watch out for that. We caught up with Ahmed Hassan,  vocalist of the band and had some questions we felt needed answering, to which he was good enough to help out. We asked how the fans were taking the EP and his response was more than encouraging:

…so far all the fans are saying that it’s a great album as this is our first recorded album. Great from the quality of the sound, the cover album, that kind of music that we cannot hear it from local bands as we are the only one who’s playing groove metal, and of course the fans are expecting more from us and we will do that from the next full length album.

Something to look forward to and yes, It does get lonely when it’s only you you see. We asked this question for a reason. We hoped a band like Mythos has a great relationship with the fans and Ahmed just gave a bit of insight into that here. Had another question about the well talked about topic of touring outside your own country and this is what he had to say:

We are working on this case , but so far , we didn’t receive any offer to make a concert outside Egypt , but if we get any kind of offers , sure you will know.

Sigh! Soon Ahmed. Nothing beats touring outside your country. Can you imagine Mythos heading to Nigeria for ‘Metal and Romance’ for instance… Boy, now that will be something. We should totally make that happen. CHECK IT FOLKS, for more on Mythos you are already at the right place see. Just in case you need more, head on to their Facebook page, they have tons to go through there and remember people, support your local bands /,,/


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