‘The Seeds of Datura’ Release New Single “Mortalized Eternity”

Mortalized EternityKenyan extreme metal band, The Seeds of Datura have released a new single called ‘Mortalized Eternity‘. This is their second single since the band was formed back in June, 2016. It is a mix of melodic death metal, that is fast and brutal.

The major theme surrounding ‘Mortalized Eternity’ is overcoming adversity by not being limited by human mortality.

Listen to it here:

The band released ‘Mortalized Eternity‘ before performing at This is Africa Fest, a series of concerts organized by the ‘Hardcore Help Foundation’. The show brings together other local bands like Seismic, Rash and Crystal Axis. Also, US-based Melodic Hardcore Powerhouse ‘Stick To Your Guns’ joined the fray.

The Seeds of Datura is a six piece extreme metal band composed of:

  • Nyikang Amen Ra (Guitars)
  • Wilson Muia (Guitars)
  • Mordecai Ogayo (Bass)
  • Lawrence Muchemi (Drums)
  • Martin Kanja (Harsh vocals)
  • Daniel Kobimbo (Clean Vocals)

This song was recorded at Realm of Mist Studios and arranged, mixed and mastered by Wilson Muia.


Daniel Otieno Kobimbo

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