The Mid Week Updates (21st Mar – 28th Mar)

Bare with us here a little, we are trying to revamp a couple of our regular formats you as the readers are used too. We won’t lie, we are going through a transition of a sort here at AudioInferno and we promise it’s all for the best. We saw how popular this was last year and we are making it a mainstay. Lots of trial and errors last year. Whew. Glad that’s over. So, we basically bring you news or views you may have missed from bands in Africa, from their social media pages. We urge you follow these bands but you just might be lazy and that’s what brought you here… We suddenly feel like we are enabling something.


Anyone here speak portuguese? Sure there are but just incase there aren’t many who do, The band Mvula got nominated for Portuguese People Choice Awards. They just kept getting the recognition they deserve and that puts a smile on or faces here:


Skinflint never fly under our radar. Nope. Skinflint announces they will be performing at Gaborone international music festival. We thinks we should be getting invites to these things. Somebody make that happen please. THANK YOU:


Stasis Prey teasing… Don’t know about you guys but I hate getting teased. I run from that. Sigh, it’s just not fair you know. Hurts. I am aware this suddenly feels personal… it’s not:


Our ladies are at it again we see. Again why don’t we get invited to these things? Must, work, harder. So check it, Persona to perform alongside Delain and other European female band at the Female Metal Event:


Starting to see a pattern here, all these great shows and we don’t get invited. We do we need to talk to then huh? Red Helen to perform at the tesseract event in SA:

And that’s all we have for the week, stay tuned to next week if you are curious on what we can dig up from the the social media accounts of African bands. Remember folks, support your local bands /,,/


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