(EP Review) Eternal Rage by Mythos

Egyptian Groove Metal band, Mythos had their EP recorded in a home. Let that seamer in a bit. Okay. We good? Now, the reason I’m making this a starting point is simply because you have to appreciate the drive to want to do something so bad you really won’t see any limitation in your way. Recognition goes to Khaled El-Sisi‘s Home studio for pulling this off. If that name sounds familiar, Khaled is the lead guitarist of the band SAQAR. But enough about Khaled, he’s not the start of this show. Let’s talk Mythos and their EP, Eternal Rage.

The EP.

Well, it’s easy to get excited about the recording process of this EP, but the EP lacks a little something called variety. If you add the first two (or three) songs they seems to continue. This is largely backed by the vocal approach to each song too. I think it’s debatable if this is a bad thing, for me this isn’t that bad but it’s worth a mention. The one place the EP shines and you get the true beauty of a Groove Metal album is in the solos. While the songs may (or may not) lack variety the solos give you something to look forward in every song and that’s something. But see the solos are sick and all that but the riffs seem weak. And that there people is where my issues is with this album. It almost ties to me wanting variety. The first song, Eternal Rage welcomes you with its brilliant opening but that soon gets played out when the songs feel the same. You may get bored after the third song. But somehow… you get rescued by the solos. Effectively the solos are keeping this EP afloat. If you are like me and waiting for variety, the song Chaos comes at the right time. Love that track.

Saving Grace?

The more I dig into this EP a ton of things start to make sense. There’s a lot of experimentation here, experiments like fusing Metalcore with a little Groove Metal licks. A great example here is the song Chaos. Want to talk more about this but this isn’t a movie review, shouldn’t be giving mini spoilers. The EP takes a different shift when you finally get to the song Electric Death, I think it has to do what the intro to the song. Love-love this track too. It’s a nice change of pace to the album (okay, okay, so maybe all the song don’t sound the same. You be the real judge) I realizes I can’t/shouldn’t talk about all the songs on this EP so I’ll leave out the last track, The Infernal.


My one true problem with the EP is the lack of soul sucking riffs. While the riffs are all great, they aren’t really memorable. That’s not a bad thing when you ALWAYS get the solos to save you in this EP though. Ultimately this is an EP, a plain ground to experiment and try and find a perfect balance to a style you want to go with. I think people will absolutely love this album, the guys at Mythos put in work for this EP. I’m excited to see what comes after this here. You get the feeling it’ll be far better, like, a long mile better than this.

Final Score 3.5/5 Stars 


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