MARK HAZE keeps shining with his New single ‘STAR’

The third alternative pop single by Mark Haze, makes its debut this week.

‘STAR’ is now officially available on iTunes. His latest single also ties in with the powerful theme of being a local musician who is re-inventing himself and doing it entirely his way. A theme that has resonated throughout Mark’s series of singles he has released so far in 2017. ‘STAR’ was written by Mark and his brother, Gareth Haze and produced by Nathan Woodman, who has also been Mark’s right-hand man in steering his new incredible sound.

Mark and his band, along with some of the usual local muso suspects will be hosting an evening of phenomenal music at Hillcrest Quarry and joining the line-up is none other than Cape Town’s much-loved alternative pop rock band, The Sweet Resistance.

The future is shining brightly for Mark and his band. Mark’s previous two singles ‘Shake What Your Mama Gave You’ which was exclusively premiered on Goodhope FM’s DJ Seano’s show and ‘Better Than This’, has been receiving overwhelming positive response and picked up by major stations across the country.

‘STAR’ is available from iTunes here:

‘STAR’ is a super catchy dance track with a deeper meaning that surfaces in the lyrics. It’s about finding one’s own voice, sound and identity in a world where many people try to discourage that. The song is about going on in life and reaching for your dreams regardless of what other people say and not to be distracted by others’ biased opinions. As with all things in striving for a better life, the lyrics focus on our ability to be fueled more by the obstacles and challenges presented on our journey to success and do our own thing no matter what.

Lyrics: STAR by Mark Haze

Sing it, mean it, sell their lies and believe it
Twist it, break it, but don’t you ever fake
Breathe it, taste it, do anything just to make it
Feel it, steal it, sing those words like you mean it

Coast to coast, watch me mingle
Hear them play my single

They say, ‘boy you’ll never… boy you’ll never be a star. No cool cars, no pop charts, this rock n roll won’t get you far. It’s over, let go!’
Now they play my song on the radio

Use it, abuse it, the time ain’t right to refuse it
Touch it, see it, do anything to achieve it
Now you never felt so right, while you’re doing something wrong

As you step into the light, feels so good, it’s been so long
They told me write a jingle, they’ll never play my single, they told me write a jingle!

They say, “boy, you’ll never… boy, you’ll never be a star. No cool cars, no pop charts.  This rock n roll won’t get you far.  It’s over, let go!”
Now they play my song on the radio
Sing it, mean it, sell their lies and believe it
Twist it, break it, but don’t you ever fake it!

Boy, you’ll never… boy, you’ll never be a star


Easter Sundowners in the Sand featuring Mark Haze (Solo Show)
Date: 14, 15 & 17 April (EASTER WEEKEND)
Venue: Marc’s Beach Bar (Club Mykonos Resort, Mykonos Access Rd, Langebaan)
Time: 18h00 on Friday and Saturday / 13h00 on Monday
Entrance: Free
Bookings: 081 410 7989
Facebook Event:

A very special performance awaits you this month

Mars Music presents: Mark Haze and The Usual Suspects with special guests The Sweet Resistance

Date: Wednesday, 26 April (PUBLIC HOLIDAY THE NEXT DAY)
Venue: Hillcrest Quarry (Tygerberg Valley Road, Durbanville, Cape Town)
Time: 7pm
Entrance: R150
Bookings: 021 976 4959
Facebook Event:


Twitter: @RealMarkHaze

Instagram: @RealMarkHaze

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