Redemptoris pumps new Blood in The Egyptian Metal Scene


Redemptoris is a new Heavy Egyptian Metal band that was formed in late December 2016. It managed to finalise the Egyptian Metal releases in 2016 and open 2017 with a new track at 12 o’clock. The members of the band are ‘Mustafa Gharib (Absolution), Hazem Aid and Magdy Hanafy (Worsens). Last week, the band announced the details of their first show in Da House with another rising band which is Catharsis. I’ll tackle the three released singles by “Redemptoris”.

Woah Mr.Dates, I Didn’t know You Could Run A Country

Guys, I am not kidding, this is the name of the track. I like how the track begins; it begins with heavy guitar tunes. With the Riff of this track give a  little oriental feel as I listened. I liked how the Guitars and drums play wonderful dynamic rules to reflect the satirical essence of the music. I liked the harsh sounds that the bass brings to the music. The vocals of Redemptoris lead singer Mustafa Gharib have highly improved, sometimes he is very influenced with James Hetfield. Gharib gathers between different vocals techniques from a clean high pitched tone to the spoken part at 4:11. The last part of the track carries a heavy conversation between the instruments to reflect the messy ironical condition of the world now.


It is the second release by Redemptoris. It is a very heavy one and it has a semblance of  Metallica’s style. The performance of the vocals carries a few oriental touches. It is full of anger and darkness. Actually, its musical style is similar to the first track just a bit heavier.


Diary of the Paranoid

It’s my favourite one and a Masterpiece for me. Emotional tunes of the guitar give a real psychological emotional feel and reflect the feelings of being a lost in a maze. The vocals carry the type of narrative sung one to tell the story of this broken human. The music is painted in the gloomy colours of Doom Metal but in Heavy Metal/Hard Rock dress. The solo is really weepy. I like the roles of the Guitar and Bass and how they portray the contradiction between a bleak morning and sorrowful night.

Finally, I can’t wait to see the band on the stage for the first time. Redemptoris managed to pump more blood to the Egyptian Heavy Metal scene with its outstanding sounds and tunes.  Mustafa Gharib a young talented musician has taken his musical tendencies to a higher level as a result of his polished vocal skills and composition which is most pleasing.

 He could collect his previous experience with Absolution morals and re-built his own character and his own mind to represent a better musical project.

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Rana Atef

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