(Song Review) Love, a Kite and a Rock by The Isomers

Love, a Kite and a Rock by The IsomersIntroduction

Nigerian Indie Rock band, The Isomers, are slowly making a household name for themselves especially after the release of their “Valentine EP” last year. This song marks their return to the business of music creation and I was especially curious to see what direction ‘Love, A Kite and A Rock’ would take.

Song Review

The song is a really simple and straightforward one, beginning with light strumming of the guitar. The first verse starts accompanied by low hums at the background that become more prominent after the verse. The second verse progresses in a similar fashion but this time, a “Na Na Na” chant follows shortly after. A violinist plays an interlude and the song ends as the vocalist sings half of the first verse twice.

Over time, I think it’s safe to say that The Isomers are determined to carve a niche for themselves as a band that addresses issues of the heart. Their lyrics always have a certain tone to them usually speaking about relationships, love, heartbreak and healing.

On this track {as with every other song I’ve heard from them}, I had no problems with their lyrical composition. However, the song left me wanting more musically and I wasn’t a very big fan of the delivery and execution.


The song struck me as bland and not memorable. This doesn’t mean the song is bad, but as a band, I think The Isomers are at a point in their career where they stand the risk of being monotonous and predictable. Sadly, as much as I love them, ‘Love, A Kite and A Rock’ is not a song that can find a place on my frequently played playlist.

All fans of the band will agree that this wasn’t their best work, not by a long shot; and as for the new listeners, they’ll be better off listening to some of the band’s old material.

Final Rating:


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