Interview with Azra Freyja, lead vocalist of the Cameroonian Symphonic metal band ‘Roar of Heroes’


Cameroonian symphonic metal band ‘Roar of Heroes oozes crossover potential. Anarchist 1st and Azra have created something special and we here at Audioinferno beam with the joy of that. Audioinferno has been searching and researching about the rock and metal scene in Cameroon for some time now and they have been complaints about how the people viewed rock and metal as Satanic as well as the lack of studios for producing a perfect rock song but still at that Roar of Heroes prevailed.

The band has adapted to fit the concept of a personal journey. The first metal track I heard from Cameroon is from Roar of Heroes (Silent Echoes) which was colourful, uplifting and energetic. These guys are totally 100 percent fearless and they may end up making their symphonic sound hit beyond the shores of Africa. Anarchist 1st is a deep thinker and the theme he explores lyrically in his songs shows that he is passionate about the Cameroonian rock and metal scene succeeding. Enjoy the interview with Azra Freyja, the vocalist of the band.

The Interview

Audioinferno: When was the band formed and how did it come about?

Azra Freyja:

Wow, this is a great story you are asking me to tell you! 😅. Okay Roar of Heroes was formed last year by Anarchist 1st, in January 2016 ! At this time, they were 5 in the band without me! One day Anarchist 1st asked me to join the band! He wanted me to be the lyrical singer and I accepted! As you know, Cameroonian Rock and Metal are not really welcomed, that’s why we decided first to sing the popular song with the name “SILENT ECHOES”. In February 2016 we participated in the Festirock festival and in July we have organised our first own show : The Silent Night! That was great and rich in experience but after the Silent Night show, everybody left the band behind and we just stayed 2 ! Anarchist 1st and I.

There was so many reasons to give up the passion and start doing like everybody but we didn’t. We decided to start really working on our philosophy !!! and that is how “ROAR OF HEROES” was born!”Improving” was a song we wrote on January 2016 but strangely we realised that it tells our story, our struggle. That’s why we decided to release this one!!! Today when we want to work on a song, Anarchist 1st and I work on all instruments before we record! Why? Because people in Cameroon don’t believe in rock or metal but our struggle is to make them see and feel the freedom it gives!!!

Audioinferno: How would you categorise your music and who are some of your primary influences?

Azra Freyja:

Power, Symphonic, Gothic metal ! Influences? We don’t really know! Maybe Epica and Tristania ! Because we love those bands a lot. But to be honest, we want to name our music “Revolutionary Metal” A kind of hybrid!

Audioinferno: I understand you are releasing your debut EP ‘The Obsessive Impostor‘ soon, followed by your debut full- length ‘Liberaeum‘ later this year. Is the EP already recorded? Have you begun work on the full-length yet?

Azra Freyja:

Yes, 5 of the 7 songs of the EP are recorded, we are still working on the 2 songs left! Liberaeum is still in the papers and partitions, we intend to start recording this from March! But to be more precise, we are masterizing Liberaeum more than the EP !and it feels amazing! 🌚

Austinrock: Tell me about the scene in Cameroon. I know there are few other metal and rock bands like Dreamfast, WanaB, and The Pioneers, as well as the festirock music festival?

Azra Freyja:

In a few words: It needs to improve! According to me, In a year, we just have 1 real show, with the Silent Night and it’s not enough to popularise the metal and rock scene in Cameroon! In Cameroon, rock scenes are just “affinities”, nothing really professional !

Austinrock: Tell me about the festirock festival?

Azra Freyja:

The festival is a good way to improve! Every year, organisers add news things to make it professional. According to me, in 2 or 3 years, festirock festival will be really great ! Because effectively, now people work so hard to participate, and that’s a kind of improvement! Anarchist 1st knows about the festirock festival more than me!!! In my point of view, I think it’s taking a good way to be a great year meeting!

Audioinferno: How is metal music viewed in Cameroon, how does it affect you as a metal musician?

Azra Freyja:

Metal in Cameroon is viewed like foolish music, music for disorder, discord or violence!!! But being a metalhead obliges to never care about it. For sure we know that our country is not really ready to accept our music like urban music or RnB (linkin park) but we take our time and sometimes inspiring about this automatic and unaware reject to write songs !

Audioinferno: What are your immediate and future plans?

Azra Freyja:

We are giving all our best on songs (our ideology) so as to make metal to be accepted and head all over the world! Actually working on an EP, and an album, .In future, we want to have some experiences with other African bands, and participating in African and world festivals.

Audioinferno: Are you planning to play in any shows outside of Cameroon? Do you consider starting with African music festivals in other countries such as South Africa, Angola, or Botswana?

Azra Freyja:

Of course, but for moment we don’t have enough cash!!!

Seems these guys are making official musical videos of every song in their E.P.  This band abilities keep shining brighter as they release tracks almost every month. They bring out their own unique personalities to the table and they write such great songs that the derivative nature of their music doesn’t matter.

Watch their new video ‘Obsession’ off their The Obsessive Impostor E.P

That sums up everything that has brought Roar of Heroes this far, be sure to follow these guys on their facebook page and stay tuned to Audioinferno for more on Roar of Heroes.


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