[New Album]- ZENGEANCE release their new album: A Suburban Manifesto

The Band

Inspired by anything from cool jazz to death metal, ZENGEANCE has skillfully created their own blend of blues-, funk-, psychedelic-, indie-, pop-, garage- and punk rock; each of these styles beautifully captured in each song on their full-length album. Listening to the album is somewhat like paging through a rock encyclopaedia – a brilliantly entertaining experience.

The Album

‘A Suburban Manifesto’  is now available to stream and download from iTunes here

ZENGEANCE was created in 2014 when vocalist/guitarist Erick Zulch convinced his friends Wian Brand (bass) and Lafras Uys (drums) to form a band with him. The fact that neither of them owned instruments did not seem like an obstacle. The plan was to use the band as a means to appear cool at school and get girlfriends.

The band of rock brothers since then had realised they have something a lot more meaningful to achieve together through their music and even though the plan to get girlfriends sort of didn’t really work out (except for Erick getting lucky), they are now out on a mission to show the world that the sound and soul of pure rock and rhythms can come from anywhere. Their initial expectations have far been surpassed and they have shown their faithful local following (which just keeps expanding with every explosive performance they deliver) that they mean business and are here to stay. ZENGEANCE is proof that amazing sound is contained in any shape, size and age package.

“ I love their mission to bring back that raw rock sound. This has been absent in SA discourse for some time. I also really love their sound which sounds exactly what you’d expect of some kids with the spunk of Blink but the love for the Black Keys.“ – Richard Anthony Chemaly from MILLED

“Working with Zengeance was an absolute treat and these guys love playing music together and it comes through on this album and these are three 17 year olds rocking it hard with a great energy and focus this is proof that rock and roll is truly still alive!” – Albert Frost

True love for music can quickly be identified within people, and their latest offering is a manifesto of all the things they themselves love about music. The believe music is to be enjoyed by anyone regardless of creed, age or race. These three gangly high school nerds rely on their tightness and coordination to produce a sound they know will absorb the crowd and get them as lost in the music as they are.

Don’t miss the chance to catch these young gentlemen live. Details on future gigs are available from their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Zengeance-644653928999213/



Website:  www.zengeance.co.za


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