Cameroonian based rock artiste ‘ Blaiz’o ‘ releases video ‘Le Couloir’

I’m thrilled and slightly relieved by the emergence of new rock bands in Cameroon. This time we will be talking about Blaise Nansi which goes by the stage name Blaiz’o. He is a french rock artist from the West Province in Cameroon. There’s a lot to admire about Blaise Nansi and his resilience. He first wanted to play football but he fell to the path of music due to his father’s refusal. Studying in France during his early years and he was also in a rock band named “The Fog”, they had some few scenes and singles that never went out because the system in France was very tight.
He came back to Cameroon due to family reasons and decided to continue with his passion ‘ROCK MUSIC’. His new video “Le Couloir”, talks about the struggles and loneliness of Man. The video was shot in November 2016 and put online in February. Audioinferno would be interviewing Blaise Nansi, he has passed 50 years of age so we believe he has had lots of experience.

Watch “Le Couloir” video

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