Interview with Nicola Mayer of Politik

Nicola Mayer

Nicola Mayer

Billy (Audioinferno): Hi Nicola. Thank you for making out time to talk to us at Audioinferno today. I’m sure you and the guys have been really busy since the album dropped.

Nicola (Politik): Hi Billy. It’s not a problem at all. Thanks for all the interest and support with the album.

Billy (Audioinferno): You’re welcome, it’s what we do. I had so much fun listening to it. Before we get into that, I have to ask, what’s the inspiration behind the name Politik?

Nicola (Politik): We came up with the name ‘Politik’ four years ago when Kyle, Michael and myself were listening to Coldplay’s second album, ‘A Rush Of  Blood To The Head’. The first track on that album is titled Politik. We looked at each other and thought that would be an awesome name for the band. Coldplay have always been a great influence and that song in particular is one of our favorites.

Billy (Audioinferno): chuckles I suspected but I had to ask, I love that song and it’s one of my best off that album as well. When did the band officially come together?

Nicola (Politik): Right! We love it too obviously *laughs*. The band officially came together at the beginning of 2013. We were all studying music at the time, but we were good friends for a while before that.

Billy (Audioinferno): That’s amazing. I find that bands that start from strong friendships often have great chemistry. How would you describe the band’s sound?

Nicola (Politik): The sound is very spacious and we don’t like to complicate the songs. We tend to play what the song needs to get the story across. There’s a lot of atmospheric and melodic hooks coming from Mike on the guitar. The drums are very organic and innovate. Overall, the sound is also alternative and some of the songs on the album are quite experimental while others are more rock influenced.

Billy (Audioinferno): That’s interesting. Personally, when I listened I heard subtle indie arrangements, sounds and progressions. Would you describe your sound as Indie influenced as well?

Nicola (Politik): That too *laughs*. Yes, definitely.

Billy (Audioinferno): Cool. What bands would you consider as major influences to your sound, particularly while making this album?

Nicola (Politik): Definitely Radiohead, The XX, early Coldplay, some Florence + The Machine, Jeff Buckley and even Biffy Clyro.

Billy (Audioinferno): Oh wow. Those are my bands right there. What was the creative process like while making “Tell Me The Answer”?

Nicola (Politik): Those are some great artists. It was an amazing experience. We all let loose and setup studio in a farmhouse in Paarl, surrounded by mountains, dams and horses running around while we finalized the songs. There were no distractions, it was a chance to get away and dive into the album with our producer. We got so much done and it seemed to happen effortlessly. We didn’t have to ‘watch the clock’ and most nights I would sing on the tracks from 10pm onwards while the guys would be setting up fire outside.
That’s where the nature sounds on the hidden track of the album came from. We wanted to capture the natural sounds that we would hear every night while recording the album and share it with everyone.

Billy (Audioinferno): That sounds so serene and ambient. I love it. Who writes the lyrics for the songs?

Nicola (Politik): I write the lyrics for all the songs.

Billy (Audioinferno): That’s great. Let’s talk about the album art a bit. I have a thing for album arts in general and I always ask this question when I’m talking about a new album. What’s the concept behind it?

Nicola (Politik): I painted the album art about 3 years ago before we went overseas. We all knew we wanted our first album to be particularly creative and artistic. So I began painting and messing around. I painted the face that you see on the album and the guys have always loved it. The eye is particularly haunting while the paint depicts the explosion of colour and creativity that we have within ourselves. It also influenced the album name.

Billy (Audioinferno): You painted it! That’s beautiful.

Nicola (Politik): Thank You.

Billy (Audioinferno): I really enjoyed listening to the album and on iTunes the album did extremely well on the first day. What’s the band’s plan for touring?

Nicola (Politik): We’ve got the album launch coming up in Cape Town this Friday. Then we’re planning a tour to Johannesburg next month. We’re also keeping an eye on Europe for the near future. We’ll keep everyone updated on our website. ( )

Billy (Audioinferno): That’s awesome. Let’ talk about the African Rock scene for a bit. Starting with South Africa, has the band worked with any other bands in SA? And if not, what bands do you see yourselves working with in the nearest future?

Nicola (Politik): We have our favorite artists but none that we’ve worked with yet. We’re quite new on the scene only launching October last year. We’re definitely open to collaborations and touring with local bands.

Billy (Audioinferno): I look forward to hearing about that. Do you listen to any African bands outside SA?

Nicola (Politik): I don’t many African bands, but I’ve definitely been exposed to many great bands that I never knew of through Audioinferno.

Billy (Audioinferno): That’s cool. We hope that you’ll familiarise yourselves with the scene and get to work with some bands across Africa someday.

Nicola (Politik): Us too.

Billy (Audioinferno): Beautiful. Thanks a lot for talking to me Nicola. It’s been a pleasure.

Nicola (Politik): Thank You! It’s been so much fun.

I do hope you enjoyed our brief chat with Nicola of Politik, You can find more information about the band and their album on their website ( )

We also will keep you informed on the latest information on the Band and tours as they come up.

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