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Mobbing BaliIntroduction

After the release of their ‘Credo EP’ last year, Mobbing Bali set themselves as a band determined to carve a name for themselves in the South African Indie Rock and Alternative Rock scene. With catchy choruses, creative hooks, clever arrangements and a unique delivery by lead singer Warren, they are definitely a band to keep a close eye on.  ‘Red Bull EP’,  was recorded live at the Red Bull Studios in Cape Town, is three track EP filled with rare gems.

The Album

The first track ER gets us going with it groovy baseline and beautiful eclectic lead guitar interludes. An upbeat song gets you in the mood and sets the tone for the rest of the EP. I particularly like the part of the chorus that says, ‘There’s an elephant in the room taking space taking up the place I saved for you…’ and but my favourite part of the song comes towards the end when the song changes pace and the chants come in.

Purple and Black slows down the pace beginning with beautiful guitar strumming as the song starts. The drums and bass don’t kick in until the chorus creating a rich burst of sound that is simply outstanding. With beautiful harmonies at the chorus and a lead guitar that is both simple and infectious, this song is easily my best song on this EP.

The last track Open Mind is a classic upbeat indie rock number with the signature tells here and there. The drums take centre stage on this track evidently supported by the lead guitarist as Warren sings ‘I’m a bubble you’re a boiling heart, I’m in trouble cos she’s too hot…’ The song progresses into a short interlude leading to a creative key change before slowly ending.


In my humble opinion, Mobbing Bali has hit a stride with their music and creative style. That’s not to say a lot of work cannot be done to improve, but the band is at a point where they can safely push the boundaries of themselves to create a truly spectacular album in the nearest future.

It is admirable to note that this EP was recorded live. I commend the quality of the performance as many bands today haven’t perfected that act just yet.

What more can I say, folks. I loved it and I cannot wait to hear more from Mobbing Bali.


       4/5 Stars

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