Sunset Sweatshop releases debut music video – ‘Move It’

Sunset Sweatshop recently jumped into the local scene with their fresh vibe and debut single, ‘Move It’. It was only fitting that this kaleidoscope of creative criminals keep their magic going. They have recently released their debut music video on YouTube.

The Video

This video was shot at familiar locations in and around Cape Town.  This is a visual representation of the group’s infectious combo of killer keys, guitar coma-tomic riffs and bass and drums. The music video was filmed and edited by Stephan Fourie and Anne Gonshorek.

Sunset Sweatshop also took their fun mix of indie, goema, reggae, boeremusiek and marabi sounds to KZN on their recent tour to Splashy Fen music festival. They plan to take their spunky performances to many more upcoming festivals this year so keep those ears to the ground for future announcements.

Move It’ reminds us why the world fell in love with SA music from the eighties. Legends such as Bright Blue, Tananas and éVoid in a time when music was the vehicle used to bring about change and the rebirth of a nation. Sunset Sweatshop possesses the kind of sound. It makes you proud to be part of a place so rich and plentiful in musical culture.

The Band

Each member of Sunset Sweatshop consisting of Ian Heyns (Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar), Rossouw Wentzel (Lead & Rhythm Guitar), Victor Green (Drums), Duke Negus (Keys and Guitar) and Richard Dicks (Bass Guitar), is equally talented in their instrument of choice. Everyone is constantly busy eating, breathing and living the magic that is music and letting it bleed through their fingers to create a sound and feel that is synonymous with the vibrant tastes and flavours of South Africa.

It’s certainly not an easy effort for those wishing to classify, label and box the group’s sound. They feed off a wide spectrum of influences. But at the end of the day, they have been able to create something with real authentic artistic flair. The music created by this tenacious troupe has true grit, meaningful lyrics and  ‘move-it’ melodies; so catchy you’ll be humming it non-stop. History is being written but this will be a book worth reading as they continue to roll with the punches and produce awesome tunes. Sit tight and enjoy this melodious ride!

Sunset Sweatshop is one of those bands you simply have to go see live. Catch a preview of their magic at their upcoming gigs – more details on their Facebook Page here:


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