Greg Pereira of Lesuth decides to go on his personal journey to ‘ A pair of interacting galaxies ‘

Greg Pereira of the South African Black metal band ‘Lesuth‘ is driven by impulses and beliefs more urgent and profound than most people could credibly lay claim too. ‘A pair of interacting galaxies’ is the perfect calling card for Greg Pereira monstrous spirit. I think what Greg Pereira is trying to do is to take a little of his sickness in his world. He expresses it via an instrumental musical form.

His Journey

Listen to what Greg Pereira have to say on his solo project.

I’ve had a love for progressive instrumental music for many years. When I discovered Cloudkicker and found out that it was just one guy writing and recording everything, I got really inspired. Procrastination has gotten in the way of me releasing anything for quite a long time. I have difficulty finishing a song because how do you know when a song is finished? Some songs write themselves and others take a lot more time. The decision to release this music and go public with it has come because I’m feeling comfortable enough with my recording and producing abilities and have had a lot of encouragement from close friends and family.

Listen to ‘A pair of interacting galaxies’ here

I like how these instrumental tracks carry haunting instrumental melodies that glide majestically across a thunderous undercarriage of a strong force. That kind of instrumental that keeps the current of your blood flow gushing through your veins.

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