The Times, They are A-Changin’

You know, we’ve never gone easy on Nigerian rock bands. Not once. We’ve been overly critical about their approach to the genre and frankly speaking it won’t stop as long as they do things the wrong way, you’ll hear from us. Not sorry. However, there seems to be a change in things here.

A quick disclaimer, WE (AudioInferno) won’t take credit for any progressive change in the rock music scene in Nigeria. We aren’t looking for trivial glory. We just love the music, there’s that and everyone (no really) everyone here is a modest gumbo. I’m judging you all, guys. (Editor’s Note: Bitch, sit down. Be humble)



How do you sell your music? You do shows. You make fliers, and put them out there. Then you don’t shut the fudge up about it. You annoy your friend and their friend about a show they don’t care about. You don’t care about their opinion, come to my show is all. It’s a bit more complicated than that and I think you all know that (I hope.) For this piece here I’m going to use a certain Rock Music Act I’ve been overly critical of down the years. Clay.

Same one. We’ve talked about her a lot here. Why? Well, it’s because she actually doing things! She’s out there. She’s like, really out there, on radio on shows and your phone! Giving us something to talk about, good or bad. And that, is the way to go. I can honestly call her one of the hardest workers in the rock scene in Nigeria based on the amount of gigs she’s involved in, or the consistency of her song release of which by the way, she’s going to have an EP launch soon. And that’s another gig. Are you attending? 

Zainab Sule

Zainab Sule is another trailblazer in the Nigerian rock scene. She has not failed to have, at least, 2 events every year. She also makes sure to involve as many people as possible. Zainab recently had a show in Jos and consistently releases music, too. In fact, in our humble opinions, since officially kicked off, Zainab has probably been the most active Nigerian rock act.

The thing about rock music is, if you’re in this genre you have to work hard. Rock bands or acts are THE hardest workers in the music industry. I’m not going to get into why. Not today.

Poster for upcoming ClayRocksU Live event


Boy, this one’s hilarious. Here’s a fun fact, Nigerian musicians can’t take criticism. They usually see it as an attack on their craft. Well, if your craft is garbage you deserve a stinging review. Again, we use Clay as an example. We have flailed her last two songs… I mean, straight up murdered it. But, we honestly don’t think Clay gives a hoot. Probably, cos she knows two things:

  1. In rock music there really isn’t anything like bad publicity and,
  2. The more we talk about her, good or bad, the more people get curious.

So while others spend time getting angry about our criticism, some lady is busy basking in the attention she’s getting and using that to maximize her potential. (Editor’s Note: Hmmm)


Some enthusiastic members of the Nigerian rock community at Metal & Romance

People hardly ever say, “hey let’s start a community like, today, you know.” It doesn’t work like that I reckon. It’s mostly done unconsciously. Clay seems to be carrying along bands and acts for her show. I’ve seen this happen a couple of times (in the case of Zainab). Is this her using these people, maybe. But in this industry, using is a damn good thing! Some of my favourite bands opened for bigger bands and today, they are bigger than the bigger bands! So if you are playing at Clay’s gig you are getting a decent degree of exposure, she’s unknowingly (probably) growing the nascent rock scene and giving bands and acts a platform to shine. Not! Too! Shabby!

Perhaps this is the beginning of the change we speak of, often. I think it is. It’s time all the other bands or acts in Nigeria get in the bandwagon and learn a thing or two from both Clay and Zainab Sule.

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  1. Well of course we are using her to get traffic to our site. We kind of thought that was obvious you know… I mean, we just released this article before her show, it’s like… out there.

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