OK! BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE WEEKLY UPDATES. Instagram all over again. Bands seem to use this social medium to get the word out and trust us we aren’t complaining. We just wait for the goodies to come on and we bring them to you because, you know…. LAZY!!!!!!!!!!! Now then, shall we?


One of South Africa’s most anticipated rock event coming fast at you, blink and you miss it. That’s all on you.


Last One Alive needs your help, show some love, vote. Won’t cost a thing too

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We had the chance to see Clay perform live again. Also released her EP too, Roadless Travelled. You can find it on the Spinlet app too, for N60… That means you have no excuse when it come to buying it.


Checkout this new Kanyeki cover shoot. Twictched after seeing what I assume is “powder” on the guitar. I’m gonna cry and wail in a corner now.

In God’s hands we are safe, He Waters US even when we are not aware… LET’S rely always in HIM..

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Seed of Datura announces the release of their new song ‘pokea,’ The rough translation here is, PAY ATTENTION TO SEED of DATURA.

We are about to release our new track called ‘pokea’ Stay tuned in \m/ #metal #seedsforthekeeds #kenya #new

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Love seeing bands push there merchs! I fancy myself as a collector of these things. I should start gathering African band merchs… give my life some purpose you know. Get out there and stuff. Check out this Peasant band new tees.


Afrima awards open entry. Some good news right here.

Who will win #AFRIMA2017 Revelation of the year? #AFRIMACallForEntry at Africa’s Biggest Music Event

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Yet another band needs your vote. Dirty Moonshine with the Best Alt Rock nomination here. Support.


Cheers to a good man here says we. Dani got called to bar. Big deal this! You need a lawyer, Dani is your man easy.

Congratulations to our Vocalist Dani for his admission to the bar.

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Seems like that’s all we have for this week huh? Well, we have next week guys. Remember folks, support your local bands /,,/



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