You need to listen to Christi du Toit instrumental internet project ‘LunaRift’ new single ‘Water’

LunaRift is an instrumental, ‘progressive metalcore’ internet project. His primary hobby used to be illustration, but over the years it has become his full-time job.

Here is a brief from LunaRift

I’ve always loved playing the guitar and writing music, and as my hobby became my career. I needed something to fill the void. That was when I picked my guitar up and strumed a few chords.

I felt instantly inspired to start writing some music, but having very little time available for gigging, band practice, or writing songs with band members, I decided to keep it a solo project and do everything myself, at my own pace, with no huge goals or expectations in mind. Where LunaRift will go in the future is pretty vague at the moment. Maybe it will evolve into a band at a later stage to play live shows, or maybe it will still just be me, sitting and thinking of more musical ideas for potential tracks.

Listen to LunaRift new single Water

More from LunaRift

It initially started with a few misplaced guitar riffs, which later became snippets of music that were only a few seconds long, but soon enough I started stringing the pieces together to form actual ‘songs’. I do feel like, because there are no vocals, I have the opportunity to put a bit more focus on the feeling that the songs convey, considering there’s no direct lyrical message involved. That being said, I like thinking about the songs more as musical compositions. The project is still very young, and I have very little to show for it at the moment, but it’s incredibly exciting and motivating knowing that I’m not the only one enjoying the music that I’m making, and that’s a huge honour.

The single that was released 23 May 2017.  It is the first proper release, in which I actually had the song mixed and mastered professionally. The first, but definitely not the last. There’s a lot more ahead, but because this is a side-project, it can be pretty slow moving at times. I do invest a lot of my spare time into this though, and will hopefully have even more material to show in the near future. At the core of it all, LunaRift is really just a passion project. I feel a lot of emotional gratification knowing that I’m feeding my musical interests, and not neglecting it.

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