Worsens release their debut double album “Taht El-Talab”

Egyptian Progressive Thrash metal giants Worsens releases their debut “double” album called Taht El-Talab . It consists of 2 discs, 7 tracks in each one (totally 14 tracks). This record is the output of two and a half years of hard work. Everything in the record from A to Z was done “literally” by Magdy Hanafy. The record included so many emotions, feelings and personal experiences. All were clear in the variety of the songs and featured two super talented singers, which are: Nada Adel “in Labayke Al-Nada“, and Shams “in ErlKönig”.

Enjoy the album!


Disc 1:

1.Taht El-Talab 04:06
2.Noah 06:43
3.Mayiet? 05:58
4.Labayke Al-Nada (FT. Nada Adel) 08:00
5.Weswas 04:02
6.Shayeb Kotshaina 05:00
7.Dokhan 05:43

Disc 2:

1.Ard El-Mot 03:56
2.Ghofran 05:06
3.The Story Of… 09:18
4.Rahhal 06:01
5.Mashaweer 06:45
6.ErlKönig (Ft. Shams) 04:15
7.Mawal El-Khatawi (Ta3leeMaggany Cover) 03:51

The album was recorded between the period from January 2017 till April of the same year, Mixed and mastered in April 2017, and released on the 5th of May 2017.

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