After the success of Politik’s first two singles titled ‘Fade’ and ‘Rage On’, the anticipation for the three-piece Alternative Rock band’s debut album began to build exponentially until it hit a climax.

The trio who have described their sound as ‘Alternative Ethereal Rock’ finally released their album titled Tell Me The Answer on the 21st of April to the delight of their fans.


The album begins with Hide And Seek, a steady mid-tempo song that begins with beautiful guitar strums by Michael (guitarist) as Nicola begins to sing and Kyle (drums) joins a bit later. A simple song with the easiest of progressions that sets the tone for the rest of the album with its beautiful melodic chorus. In White Horses, the band adopts folk elements and blend it nicely with their alternative sound to create something really beautiful. It’s arguably one of the best songs on the album particularly when the song gets to the bridge and Nicola sings, ‘Don’t let it bring you down/I’m sorry for the tears but I’m safer now/I didn’t mean to lose, I just lost what I knew/I promise it had nothing to do with you…’.

Haven’t You Heard picks up the pace where the previous track left off, retaining some of the folk elements; it’s an upbeat feet-tapping type of track that showed the versatility of the band. The River slows down the album again; it’s the first track on the album that begins to reveal the band’s ambient, ethereal side. The use of chants and echoes towards the end gives the song a touch of gloominess and it works perfectly for it.

Rage On the second single released from the album is a progressive ethereal rock song. It’s a work of art and it builds up to a wonderful climax at the end. In terms of creativity, uniqueness and originality, this song resonated with me the most on the album. Set Out For You brings us back to the alternative rhythm of the album and you really hear Nicola sing on a number of ranges touching the edges of her falsetto ever so often.

A New Home is also slightly progressive and the song as a whole focuses a lot more on Nicola’s singing, which she delivers to near perfection. I enjoyed the laid-back nature of the instrumentation particularly the bass drum and Nicola on the keys. Fade the first single of the album is heavy laden with warm piano chords and progressions. It’s a good song with the cliché alternative rock elements here and there but this doesn’t take away from the song in any way.

From the second Dose starts, you know you’re in for a great ride. The song particularly picks up towards the end when a beautiful guitar solo augments Nicola’s vocals.  I Can’t Stay is a lovely piano ballad that bleeds emotions and Nicola’s delivery is truly commendable.

Lay Low is the last song on the album and is incidentally the longest track on the album. The first half of the song is great but it’s easily overshadowed by the second half 0f the song which has a hidden track. This song begins with the sound of crickets, birds and trees; followed by light strumming on the guitar as Nicola sings, ‘I wouldn’t be the same without your grace.’ It’s the perfect end to the album and there a satisfaction that comes from listening to those words hover around the sounds of nature.


Tell Me The Answer is an impressive debut album and it’s a loud affirmation that Politik is here to stay. The only snag I have with it is that for fans of alternative and indie rock, the band’s influences will be a little too obvious. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as all bands have those people they listen to, but it was a little too glaring on this album.

I hope that in future releases, Politik will continue to discover themselves and create music that is unique to them alone. Overall, this album is a necessary listen for alternative rock fans around the world.

RATING:    3/5

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