Comedic Brutal Doom Metal Band from South Africa ‘ Omentum ‘ releases Curmudgeon

When I heard Alec Larsen had another band with his girlfriend, Chelsea Mulock-Bentley and Simon Werner who are also part of Surdus, I was overjoyed with lethal doses of joy. 


It’s because Alec and Simon belong to the South Africa symphonic groove metal band ‘Surdus‘ which I respect so much, it’s one of my best metal bands in Africa and their last album is the best 2016 African metal album for me!. You need to check these guys out. The album carries a powerhouse delivery sounding more intense than a man and a woman having sex. I call them ‘The band of violent beauty’

Listen to this ALBUM

So let’s talk about Omentum

Alec- lead vocals and bass

Chelsea – backing vocals and bass

Simon – backing vocals and bass

Alec and Simon are both parts of Surdus – a symphonic groove metal band that is quite serious in lyrical content. Omentum was formed as an outlet for expressing the lighter side of metal. The lyrics to all the songs are tongue-in-cheek and taking the piss. Musically, we were inspired by the heaviness of Black Tongue and felt like we wanted to go in that direction. Initially, we investigated getting 6 string guitars set-up in standard E tuning but an octave lower but found this quite impractical. The next logical step would be 8 strings but we find them uncomfortable. So we decided to all play bass guitars, similar to Extinction Level Event.

Watch the brutal heaviness of this video here

Alec Carson sings like a superhero as the song takes a life of its own cajoled by the bruisery riffery of Simons. This merging melodic comedic brutal doom style works hand in hand with the guttural concrete heavyweight of Alec. Omentum pulled off this genre in an admirable style. They are the first African metal band to pull this off. Well to me!

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