Interview with Ricky Chasumba of The Ceramics


So Billy got to talk with Ricky from the Ceramics.  They got to talk about the usual fluff and a few interesting things, for example, there is a band name “The Plastics”  WOW Billy needs to hit them pretty soon and let us know how they came about it.

Over to Billy and Rick have fun reading!

The Interview

Billy (Audioinferno): Thanks for making out time to talk to Audioinferno today Ricky. How are you today?

Ricky (The Ceramics): Thanks for having me. I’m really good thanks and yourself?

Billy (Audioinferno): I’m great. I was on YouTube about a month ago, and I saw a link to a balcony TV video. The first thing that caught my attention was the name of the band. What was the inspiration behind “The Ceramics”?

Ricky (The Ceramics): Fantastic dude. The name itself comes from my love of history, especially in high school. I saw the word in a textbook and how out of all the greatest empire’s and dynasties, Ceramic artwork always withstood the test of time and when the band formed it was a good fit for what we want to do with our music. I hope that it will live on and stand the test of time, while being a beautiful piece of artwork.

Billy (Audioinferno): That’s a lovely concept. You’re relatively new on the scene, how has this journey been for you so far?

Ricky (The Ceramics): Thank you. Yea we are, it hasn’t been 2 years yet but this journey has been the best journey of our lives to be honest. We’ve played with some big names, we have one festival under our belts and another one in the works but we have to keep that a secret for now but it’s been great. We’ve learnt a lot from everyone we’ve encountered and our supporters have been monumental, they really do make it worthwhile.

Billy (Audioinferno): Sounds like the start of something truly beautiful. Have you had any challenges along the way?

Ricky (The Ceramics): Thank you! Not necessarily, we have had our fair share of difficulties but no challenges at all. I guess you could say being so young is a “challenge” sometimes in terms of certain opportunities but it’s also quite a positive, we’ve had a very fortunate journey so far.

Billy (Audioinferno): I get that. So far do you have a favourite gig or gig you’ve played that you would say is “the most memorable”?

Ricky (The Ceramics): We definitely have a few. We opened for Francois Van Coke earlier this year and that was mad, there was well over 200 people, the atmosphere was electric, and our first festival experience was fantastic. Down at Lush when we realized people from different parts of South Africa actually knew who we were and our stage was packed to the point we couldn’t see up the hill, so it’s between the two, both absolutely memorable.

Billy (Audioinferno): That sounds awesome. I’m a huge Francois Van Coke fan myself. How many songs do you have out so far?

Ricky (The Ceramics): Yea he’s a swell guy, we have our single ‘ Be Together ‘ out on Soundcloud and Itunes and we’ve been in the studio recording some more songs, ‘ Trying Again ‘ will be the first of the new songs to be released next month.

Billy (Audioinferno): Nice. I can’t wait to hear it. How would you describe your sound?

Ricky (The Ceramics): I guess we’re indie rock and pop with a lot of groove-centric rhythms and melodies, we all have a wide range of musical backgrounds which influences the outcomes of each song I write but it’s definitely indie rock /pop.

Billy (Audioinferno): Who are your musical influences as a band?

Ricky (The Ceramics): We’re big into our local bands, like Shortstraw, The Plastics, Al Bairre who sadly broke up and broke our hearts and our biggest influences which are very apparent, are Arctic Monkeys and Bloc Party, we’ve also been getting into Japanese indie bands as well but that’s of late.

Billy (Audioinferno): That’s pretty cool.

Ricky (The Ceramics): Thanks dude.

Billy (Audioinferno): Are you shooting any music videos soon?

Ricky (The Ceramics): Well we’re spit balling ideas at the moment so we’ll see how that goes, so hopefully we’ll have something out very soon.

Billy (Audioinferno): We’ll be anticipating.

Ricky (The Ceramics): *laughs* Awesome dude

Billy (Audioinferno): We’re definitely expecting more amazing work from you guys. Thanks a lot for talking to me today.

Ricky (The Ceramics): Thank you for having me man , it’s been a pleasure.

I hope you enjoyed it. take time out to read more about fascinating bands. We have got crazy talents here in Africa and we are poised to bringing them to your devices. Stay tuned for much more.

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