[Album Review] A Suburban Manifesto by Zengeance

AxlPif here standing in for Billy who I believe owes me for this here. I take my pay in candy. Just putting that out there. Now then, as far as debut albums go, A Suburban Manifesto  by Zengeance is pretty good. Wanted to get that out of the way, review over we can all go home now. But, there’s more to this than just “pretty good.”

I’m Thinking… FIFA?

I play a lot of video games and one of the things that sticks with me long after I am done playing is the music. Think of Zelda games from old or Dark Souls games of now and I guarantee you the first thing you remember about these games will be the songs, then the boss battles next. Now, FIFA football games have a massive catalog of fun, catchy, brilliant songs on every game. That isn’t random, no sir/ma’am. it’s deliberate. The songs stay with you long after you’re done getting yourself beat 5-0 by your little sister… *quivers* My point is this, you can pick almost any song on Zengeance’s debut album and say, “this should be on FIFA.” it’s a damn fun album this, so let talk about it fully shall we.

Unconventional, Unorthodox or just Plain Good?

Let me just say, Good Lie was the best way to start of this album, hats off to you guy. We usually see bands pay little attention to the first song ignoring the fact that there are some strange humans who don’t like the shuffle button (me.) I heard this and I found myself thinking about having a gig at my birthday party and Zengeance IS the main attraction, if this is possible I need to make calls. See one of the reasons the band works as good as they do has to do with their description:

Zengeance has skillfully created a unique blend of blues-, funk-, psychedelic-, indie-, pop-, garage- and punk Rock…

I read that and I was like “oh we’ll see.” 4 songs into the album, I can barely pick up with the style. It seems a bit unconventional at first. Then you find yourself analysing the riffs then that suddenly feels unorthodox. What’s going on here i’m thinking (while loving this) then it gets to me! This is good music I am hearing. I hate doing this, comparing bands but sometimes it’s unavoidable. The song Killing Spree will give any Arctic Monkey song a run for their money. Comparison done, moving on. This song has a solo you don’t notice till it’s done then right after that, the song goes into some form of mental overdrive, it’s controlled chaos I tells ya. Whew and we have tons of this in this album? Well, you find out yourself.

Word is the band was formed to “as a means to appear cool at school and get girlfriends.” While this is funny as hell, this is serious stuff and if that was truly the plan, they may have to start picking girls from different parts of the continent here. So, let’s talk a bit about the playful nature of the band and how it will appeal to everyone. This is it folks, if you have a band, the number one unspoken rule is to have fun. Sure when the money starts coming in, it makes things a bit too serious and that usually adds to a band changing its identity and style. I really love how the band seems to be enjoying themselves with every song, case in point the song The Cat’s Pyjamas, watch out for that weird solo.


It’s hard to place what Zengeance is. What genre they favor I mean. The thing is their songs don’t vary too much, but with the initial description (…a unique blend of blues-, funk-, psychedelic-, indie-, pop-, garage- and punk Rock) you get literally, all this in every song. I hate when all songs seem the same but not here, nope. What a mix of all these genres. If I was to pick (do I have to?) I’d pick garage. And boy what a garage band this is. What’s to come from them in the future can only be exciting. I hope they get the girls they want, but that better now screw with their style I hope. This is an album to have, love.

Final Rating:  4.5/5 Stars


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