[New Video] Isomers Release “Oya” the Video

The Nigerian Band Isomers have released a new video for their track ‘Oya”. The Band Isomers have been going steady for a while and you may remember them from their Valentine EP in 2016 or from our review of that EP.

They have consistently produced good music and now they have a new video for their track and this is what they had to say about it.

“OYA tell me what you see…”

We are not responsible for the dreams that find us. What’s important is recognizing which is ours and taking them by the horn.

The Isomers capture a battle that confronts each person everyday, in the song “OYA”. The battle of finding ourselves. Now comes the official music video, the very first from The Isomers.
“Let’s now begin… Our thoughts, our only limits.” Enjoy OYA music video!


They are working on an untitled album, we wish them the best in the endeavours. meanwhile seat back and enjoy the video.

The Video

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You can also check them out;

Web: http://theisomersmusic.com
Twitter: @theisomersmusic
Facebook: The Isomers Music
Instagram: @theisomersmusic


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