[Song Review] Overdose by Tree House Burning


Tree House Burning, when I first heard the name, the first thing that crossed my mind was “I wonder what their sound will be like.” Next thing was “they have a pretty sweet band logo.” So I went to YouTube and gave them a listen. And today, I’m going to be giving you my impressions on their single “Overdose”.

The Song

The song kicks off with low-intensity synths that build up with an electric guitar being strummed in the background. Next thing I heard was, what sounded like, the word “DROP!!” being growled which is immediately followed by heavy chugging which is backed up, maybe even carried, by the synths that were playing earlier in the song. Things do pick up in with some faster chugging before the chorus hits. At this point, I found out that the unclean-vocals-on-verses-clean-vocals-in-the-chorus formula was not present in this song. Which is something I have been seeing less of in metalcore over the years.

The Vocal delivery on this song is not weak at all. While it might not be anything new, it is well done and quite diverse. The switch from mid-range growls to shriek-like screams feels effortless and just flows well. I am sure that guest artist, Jonny McBee of American band ‘The Browning’, had something to do with that.
And after all the chugging and electronic elements, which while being well produced felt a bit forgettable, came the thing that made me want to listen and review the song. The closing breakdown (or Slam?) in the song. It was crazy, it was brutal, it had guttural growls so deep the words were inaudible, and it came out of nowhere. Like a surprise punch to the face when you taking a leisurely stroll. But in a good way. And like a good uppercut ends a fight, the brutality ends the song, with the synths fading out into silence (K.O.).


The truth is the mixing and mastering of the song is really good, the vocal delivery is miles away from boring, that guttural growl at the end was epic, the synths were quite fun. But the drumming and guitar playing felt bland. Now I like myself some chuggy metalcore and hardcore punk every now and then. But here it feels like the synths were doing most of the work with setting the rhythm and giving the song life, instrumentally, instead of just being a good component of a good, well-rounded song.
Those who are into chuggy, heavy music with lots of growls will really enjoy this song. But those who like their songs to have solos, riff changes, intricate drumming….basically a song with plenty of instrumental technicalities, will probably not enjoy this song.


It is a good song, and i rate it 2,5/5



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