Interview with members of Zengeance

Zengeance is a South African band and had just released an album.  titled  “A Surburban Manifesto “  and you can read our review where it had glowing ratings.

So Billy sat with the members of the Band and got talking about the usuals., well it was beyond usual since we have never had rockers who go to classes and have exams. it is a really engaging interview and it is fun.

The Interview

Billy (Audioinferno):  Hi guys. Thanks for having me today

Erick Zulch (Vocals/Lead Guitar): Big pleasure!

Billy (Audioinferno): *laughs* Glad we finally have the chance to talk, I’ve been stalking you guys for a bit.

Lafras Uys (Drums/Backing Vocals): Well that’s flattering.

Erick Zulch (Vocals/Lead Guitar): *laughs* Cool

Billy (Audioinferno):  I guess I’m going to start by asking how you guys got together.

Lafras Uys (Drums/Backing Vocals): We’ve been friends since primary school, and we always joked about starting a band. Eventually, in 8th grade, I think, Erick (guitar and vocals) told the rest of us we’re starting a band and we need to get instruments. Then we just started jamming

Billy (Audioinferno): Interesting stuff. So how did you come up with the name “Zengeance”? It’s the first thing that caught my attention about you guys

Lafras Uys (Drums/Backing Vocals): Well, we didn’t actually think of it ourselves. We’d been playing without a name for about six months, already doing gigs, when the guy who booked us told us that we had to give him a name within the next twenty four hours or he’d bill us as Zengeance. We liked it, and it stuck

Erick Zulch (Vocals/Lead Guitar): And that guy was Lafras’ father, ‘Dagga’ Dirk Uys

Billy (Audioinferno): Oh wow. That’s awesome *laughs* So how has the journey been for you guys so far?

Lafras Uys (Drums/Backing Vocals): Weirdly successful? We never really had plans or ambitions beyond playing for the fun of it, but we ended up recording a full album at an awesome studio with Albert Frost, which is amazing. It’s great fun.

Erick Zulch (Vocals/Lead Guitar): Yes the original plan was just to jam for fun, well we kind of still are, but now it’s with a bigger picture in mind

Billy (Audioinferno): That’s quite nice.

Erick Zulch (Vocals/Lead Guitar): And i am dying for a vet jam right now, exams are getting me down.

Billy (Audioinferno): How do you balance the music with school and all your other responsibilities?

Erick Zulch (Vocals/Lead Guitar): Well before matric, it wasn’t a big problem, but now it’s quite tough.

Lafras Uys (Drums/Backing Vocals): Recently we haven’t really been playing that much. We try to organize gigs for times when we’re not writing or doing tasks, and then just practice like hell right before the gig.

Wian Brand (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals): Unfortunately, academics come first. So, if we are writing exams or we have assignments, we lay off the gigs and practices. Otherwise, before any gig, we practice.

Billy (Audioinferno): Wian finally speaks *laughs* I’ve listened to your album, I’ve listened four times. We’re working on a review for it.

Erick Zulch (Vocals/Lead Guitar): Wian is the least talkative one. What do you think?

Billy (Audioinferno): I loved it. I know you call yourselves Garage Rock but your sound isn’t purely in that subgenre. How would you describe your sound?

Erick Zulch (Vocals/Lead Guitar): That’s great!

Lafras Uys (Drums/Backing Vocals): We have a thing we say. We call it Post-psychedelic hard garage, funk pop, blue jazz, pseudo-punk rock, indie fusion revival.

Erick Zulch (Vocals/Lead Guitar): Which basically means that we have no idea. *laughs*

Lafras Uys (Drums/Backing Vocals): Exactly.

Wian Brand (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals): Yay we love getting reviews. Well, some people have compared us to Wolfmother or White Stripes. I think we do sound like them, but we take inspirations from many bands. The songs on the album are the same, yet different than each other. It’s hard to label it. Garage/punk rock is fine by me.

Erick Zulch (Vocals/Lead Guitar): We love the fact that there are so many unexplored mixtures of sounds and genres; and the fact that we do not have to link ourselves with one specific one.

Lafras Uys (Drums/Backing Vocals): We prefer not to define our genre, really. We definitely have some consistency in terms of the spirit of each song, but when it comes to style, we just play whatever we want

Erick Zulch (Vocals/Lead Guitar): Freedom!

Billy (Audioinferno):  What was your creative process like while creating the album?

Lafras Uys (Drums/Backing Vocals): We all wrote the album over a long period of time. Some of the songs are 2 years old. So there wasn’t really one driving idea or concept behind the album, other than that it’s a collection of our thoughts and sounds. That’s why we called it a manifesto. It’s everything we are.

We chose the songs we liked best, wrote some new ones, and then started really thinking about them and trying to improve them. We worked with Albert, who was brilliant at getting exactly what we wanted out of the songs we already had

We didn’t have much time in the studio at all, so once we got to that point it was almost entirely just laying the tracks down

Erick Zulch (Vocals/Lead Guitar): Yes the album is just full of frustration, hope, anger, longing…etc. So it’s just full of what we are and experience as teenagers and young musicians. Yes we were 7 days in the studio and 2 days mixing time- it was very intense to get a full album done in that time!

Billy (Audioinferno): That sounds really inspiring for a group of young rockers.

Lafras Uys (Drums/Backing Vocals): Are you saying we’re inspiring? That might be the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.

Billy (Audioinferno): Yeah, you are. Who are your influences and what bands do you listen to?

Wian Brand (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals): Let’s do this individually? Different tastes in music are incoming…

Erick Zulch (Vocals/Lead Guitar): At the moment, Jack White is my biggest influence, personally. But I also dig the jazz guys like Miles Davis.

Lafras Uys (Drums/Backing Vocals): Yes. White Stripes (Meg is probably the biggest influence on my drumming style), Courtney Barnett, Cake, Blur, Cage the Elephant, Mouldy Peaches, Streetlight Manifesto. All these bands have some influences.

Wian Brand (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals): The Beatles are my biggest influence.  Without them, I probably wouldn’t have had a passion for music. Every week, I get obsessed with new artists/bands. But, just to name a few, I regularly listen to Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, Elliott Smith etc.

Lafras Uys (Drums/Backing Vocals): Oh, and Rage Against the Machine. Definitely.

Billy (Audioinferno): It’s an eclectic mix of styles. I love that. So off your new album, what are your favorite tracks?

Lafras Uys (Drums/Backing Vocals): Eerrrrrm…The Cat’s Pyjamas. It’s funky and the keyboard solo is insane.

Erick Zulch (Vocals/Lead Guitar): I love the chaos of Killing Spree and i was completely blown away by how Own Me turned out- but i love the whole album and it’s really hard to pick one song as my favourite.

Wian Brand (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals): I really can’t decide between the songs. I’ll go with The Cat’s Pyjamas. Although I really love I Feel A Killing Coming On – it’s trio magic.

Billy (Audioinferno): *laughs* Have you started touring?

Lafras Uys (Drums/Backing Vocals): We wish. We’ve got a bit of a tour planned for later in the year though, I believe.

Erick Zulch (Vocals/Lead Guitar): Yes we are planning to do a tour in October- we wanna hit Aardklop and a few other places on the way and maybe one in December.

Billy (Audioinferno): Cool. I really hope you hit the road soon. What bands in South Africa do you want to work with?

Erick Zulch (Vocals/Lead Guitar): The Black Cat Bones, Guy Collins, Dan Patlanski, Francois Van Coke, Willem Welsyn, Arno Carstens and of course we want more of Albert Frost.

Wian Brand (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals): Any awesome band we can open for. Yes, as Erick stated as well.

Billy (Audioinferno):: Do you know anything about the African Rock scene outside South Africa?

Lafras Uys (Drums/Backing Vocals): Erm, no. Not at all. There’s FORR, in Mozambique, but other than that I’m pretty much clueless. Oh, and I also know of one Egyptian metal band

Erick Zulch (Vocals/Lead Guitar): Yes I don’t really have a clue

Wian Brand (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals): Same

Erick Zulch (Vocals/Lead Guitar): Please enlighten us- do you know bands that we can go check out?

Billy (Audioinferno): *laughs* There are loads of bands and AudioInferno covers most of them and would be looking forward to introducing you guys to as many African bands as possible.

Erick Zulch (Vocals/Lead Guitar): Great!

Lafras Uys (Drums/Backing Vocals): That’d be sick

Billy (Audioinferno): Thanks for talking to me today. It’s a pleasure .You guys have been amazing.

Lafras Uys (Drums/Backing Vocals): Thanks to you, dude. It was great. I’m looking forward to the review.

Billy (Audioinferno): Sure thing

Wian Brand (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals): Me too. I enjoyed the interview. Thanks!

Billy (Audioinferno): Awesome bros.

Erick Zulch (Vocals/Lead Guitar): Thanks so much for your time!

Billy (Audioinferno): Anytime

Hope you enjoyed it? You can drop comments or questions and we will help you get across. Have an awesome day!

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