[New Video] Absolution By Khemical Krypt

Khemical Krypt is a band with a mix of Alternative and Industrial Metal that hails from South Africa. Khemical Krypt is a condensed idea/processes hard to define. Based on the scientific term “chemical“, they mess and indulge around with many different elements and genres of music, styles, times and taste. “Crypt” ‘because everyone has secrets, stories of the past that they wouldn’t want to bring to light, this refers to the lyrical style of the band.

This band has also gotten some airplay on www.dilligafradio.blogspot.com hosted by DJ Bettyboop (Christine Foggo) which is an independent online heavy metal radio station. They have dropped 10 new demos tracks along with a new music video ‘Absolution’ which dropped on Good Friday this year. To release nearly a dozen fresh demos and new music video edited by Razorhead NO War!

Watch Absolution Video in the link below:


Their music video Absolution has a lot of likes, views, and positive critique also. They are in the market for networking and connecting with any animation students in the industry for further projects

Interview with Carlo Ashley Fredericks

So Audioinferno contacted Carlo Ashley Fredericks of Khemical Krypt to tell us more about their new video Absolution.

Carlo Ashley Fredericks: 

I got into contact with a colleague, Razorhead NO War, and asked him to create something abstract for the song, Absolution. He spent a few weeks researching and compiling material and cut together this awesome story about the ice cream man, luring children to the ice cream van. It’s black and white and gives it a classic feel for its animation style and suits the music perfectly.
Audioinferno: When was the last time you guys recorded?
Carlo Ashley Fredericks: 
We recorded a few things last year in preparation for the release of these demos. The B-Sides were recorded over a period over 3 weeks from February through to March 2017. Our demo album B sides was released April 14 along with the Absolution music video. Before that was Superbia (Capital Vice) the single and music video in 2015. In 2014 we released the mixed genre EP titled Unholy Merchandise.

Support your local bands and stay tuned to Audioinferno for more on Khemical Krypt. Their new single Stiltjies, with full-on Afrikaans lyrics, will come out this month, stay stoked.


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