[New Single] Poke Uponyagi by The Seeds of Datura

If you’re familiar with The seeds of datura, then you will know this guys are positioned to shed any negative misconceptions and to shake up the Kenyan metal scene as a whole.  When Dani first told me about The seeds of datura last year, it was appalling in the best way because i knew deep down it was going to be a very very serious project. Members of The seeds of datura have been in bands, they have rehearsed for hours and hours on end and they all came together to breed out The seeds of datura from the Kenyan soil.

Poke Uponyagiiii!, Anybody ever wondered how Martin Kanja and Lawrence Muchemi would both sound on a track together? It’s like combining both of their chaotic nature with a sound that have no temperature control, it’s like a consuming fire underneath.

Listen to this sick aggressive track by The seeds of datura

So Audioinferno met with Daniel Otieno, vocalist of the band to tell us more about Poke Uponyaji.

The thing about this song is that it was so random. It was the first day in studio, at Harvy’s place. Wilson came with these sample tracks that he had worked on. Lawrence and Martin had come from Nakuru very drunk and they just laid the vocals freestyle, off the top of their heads. Poke Uponyaji is swahili for receive your healing. It talks about televangelists like TB Joshua and here in Kenya, The Kiunas and the so called Prophet Owuor. Smart people who have taken advantage of the insecurities of people to make money. It is cyclical, that humans have this tendency to follow these fraudstars in the belief that they can cure their illnesses, both physical and spiritual. So the band did this song to ridicule the masses for being gullible, and for deconstructing these so called men of the clothe who are really just glorified con men.

Visit them on their social media handles, connect with them and we will be reviewing this track also.


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