[New Album] Maps & Minutes By Stanley June is Officially Out!!

We are always pleased here at Audioinferno when a new album is released. it feels like we have got a shiny new toy and we are hardly disappointed. So when we got a press release from Stanley June on a new album and its availability online, the team was pleased.

Here is what he got to say about this new album.

Maps and Minutes is a fourteen  track  album which includes two bonus acoustic tracks. The album title refers to making the most of your time by experiencing different parts of the world and being exposed to its people and cultures.

I’m genuinely proud of this album. It has been quite a big growing experience for me; not only as a musician but also as a producer and a songwriter. I think the album really encapsulates exactly who I am at this point in time. The album is extremely dynamic; there are heavy songs, slow songs and upbeat songs – truly a little bit of everything. I can’t wait to take it on the road and hear people’s thoughts.

This release follows Stanley June’s debut album, ‘Imitating Art’, in 2013, which delivered numerous radio singles and favourable responses from critics and music lovers. Once again, he is responsible for all the lyrics and compositions on his second album. Apart from two tracks recorded and produced by the renowned Jake Odendaal at Maven Productions, Stanley June recorded and produced the rest of the tracks at his own studio, MusicSwan Studios in Johannesburg. Musicians he collaborated with on the album include Andy Maritz (drummer for amongst others Dan Patlansky and Stuart Reece), Paul Loots (session guitarist for amongst others Snotkop and Chris Chameleon) and Corné Crous (lead vocalist of Paper Plane City).

You can listen to Stanley June’s debut album now on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Google Play.

Stanley June has already released two singles and music videos off ‘Maps & Minutes’, namely ‘Define Love’ and ‘Never Let me Go’. These singles enjoyed listings on numerous radio stations (including SAFM, Mix FM, MFM, Zone Radio, Groot FM and RSG) and music video plays on SABC and M-Net. The third single to be released off the album and currently, on its way to radio and TV, is entitled ‘Holding On’.

Watch ‘Holding On’ by Stanley June here:

‘Holding On’ is about how our words and actions affect those around us, often even without our knowledge. It’s important to always be kinder than necessary because everyone is going through some sort of struggle that you don’t know anything about. I tried to illustrate that in the video to show how our actions have an influence on the atmosphere around us. I wanted to show this by adding smoke and floating particles in the room that reacts to the dynamics of the music. – Stanley June about ‘Holding On’.


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