The Fallen Prophets releases EP ‘Death Conquers Life’

First of all, there is a new band line-up for the South Africa death metal band The Fallen Prophets since their last album release ‘Slaughtered at the album’ in 2016. The full active members of

The full active members of  The Fallen Prophets are;

Pieter Pieterse – Guitars / Vox

Francois vd Merwe – Guitars / Back Vox

Cole Grainger – Drummer

Wian Bester – Bass

From the time The Fallen Prophets came stomping into the South African metal scene, there were signs that their lifestyle was extreme as their music and they are back again this year with their EP called ‘Death Conquers Life‘. Personally, I’ve been a huge fanboy of their band since the on-set. When I listened to their 2016 album ‘Slaughtered at the album’, I became a fan automatically. Sneak up on their soundcloud page and listen to the best of South Africa death metal brutal tracks.

So ‘Death Conquers Life’ is the upcoming 4 track EP of South African Death Metal band, The Fallen Prophets. It was recorded at Worlds End Studios, fully produced by Llewellyn Kapp. Album artwork designed by Kirsten Ryklief Design and Keets Designs & Photography.

“We wanted to release this EP to show the different style of death metal we’ve changed to, our line-up has changed since the last album release and thus our sound has too. We all have those who inspire us and have looked up to certain artists, we see the bar that they have set and we aspire to exceed it. It’s still death metal, it’s just faster, harder, better structured, and straight to the point. Fans can expect more music, merch, energy, tours, and blood, a lot more blood – The Fallen Prophets

The EP launch will be hosted by From The Hive and they are going all out to make this a special event along with sponsors Paul Bothners, Monster Energy, and No Regrets Tatoos and Removals. Keets Designs & Photography will also be there to film and cover the event.

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