[Song Review] Pokea Uponyaji by Seeds of Dature


Seeds of Datura is Metal band that hails from the town of Limuru, in Kenya. Their new single “Pokea Uponyaji” dropped recently and received its fair share of buzz in the African Metal scene. It was even featured on an “AFRICAN METAL OF JUNE ” list where it occupied the number 4 spot. Not bad. And today, we’re going to breakdown this jam and see what makes it what it is.

The Song

The first thing that got to me about the song was how long it felt despite being short of the 3 minute mark. Now usually when a something feels longer than it actually is, it’s because the thing’s boring. But that’s actually not the case. Pokea Uponyaji was actually not a chore to listen to from the get go. The tempo is a bit on the slow side but that actually gives you the time to take in every note played.

The song opens with a spoken statement before the heavily distorted, down-tuned, chuggy riffs hits. After which you hear the bass drum pummeling as “Pokea Uponyaji!!” is screamed/growled. The growls were particularly deep but still sort of audible. Well, as audible as growls get.

Shrieks, screams and growls are rampant throughout the song. Honestly there’s so many elements from so many different subgenres in this one song. The shrieks and screams sound like something out of a black metal track, the growls are treading Brutal Death Metal territory, the instruments sound like a cross between Death-Doom and Groove metal….and yet it all fits so well. Props to the band for that.


Seeds of Datura did good with this song. It’s short yet feels fleshed out enough that the length feels perfect. The vocal delivery is really good. Even the somewhat “rough” production quality gives the song some sense of ferocity. I dare say a more crisp production would not actually help the song. And while I am sure some might feel that the guitar work on this song is a little (or more than a little) on the simple, especially for a band that has “Progressive Metal” as the genre they identify as (on their Facebook page), I still think it’s an enjoyable song. Especially for fans of Deathcore, Groove Metal and Doom.


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