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Stanley June is a Solo Rock Outfit by Stanley based in South Africa. He just released his sophomore album titled ‘Maps & Minutes’ a couple of days ago. Billy caught up with him to talk to him about the new album, his music and upcoming projects. So as always guys, sit back, relax and have a fun read.


Billy (Audioinferno): Hi Stanley, thanks for making out time to talk to me today.

Stanley June: No problem, thanks for doing the interview.

Billy (Audioinferno): Cool stuff. Can you tell me about Stanley June?

Stanley June: : Well, I started performing as a solo artist in 2012. I’m based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I’ve loved listening to and making music for as long as I can remember. Though I can appreciated a wide variety of musical genres, I have always drifted towards rock and guitar driven stuff. I draw a lot of influence from older rock acts like Meat Loaf and Aerosmith and try and capture that sense of theatrical songwriting with a modern rock edge. I’ve just released my 2nd full length album entitled ‘Maps & Minutes’.

Billy (Audioinferno): That sounds awesome. Your first album was titled “Imitating Art” and from talking to various bands, I know there’s always something different about a sophomore album. In what ways would you say “Maps And Minutes” is different for you as a band?

Stanley June: Indeed. Maps & Minutes, although it shares certain similarities, it is very different from the first. The gap between the two releases was crucial for me in growing as a musician and songwriter. I think with the first album, you’re so overwhelmed by whole process that there are a lot of things you tend to overlook. With this album I was a lot more focused on what I wanted to create and not what people we’re expecting from me or what was trending at the time and all those this. I think I wrote about 40 to 50 songs, recorded demos for 20 and then chose 12 out of those to use for the album. Then we built those from the ground up and kind of let the song dictate where it was going instead of trying to have it fit in a mould.

Billy (Audioinferno): Interesting. If you were asked, how would you describe the sound of this album?

Stanley June: I’d say that it’s Alternative Rock. It’s quite diverse though. There are slow tunes, upbeat ones, power ballads and anthems. It’s edgy but easy listening with a ton of melodic guitar solos.

Billy (Audioinferno): I love asking that question. The answers I get are always amazing. *laughs* Do you have a favourite track off the new album?

Stanley June: *laughs* I can imagine. It’s hard with all the different sub genres and things these days. I think the title track Maps & Minutes is probably my favorite. It’s got a little bit of everything in there and kind of sums up the album as a whole. A close second would be Phantom In The Fog, it’s just a lot of fun to play.

Billy (Audioinferno): Nice. Phantom In The Fog and Never Let Me Go are my current favourites. I’ve listened just twice though so I guess we’ll see. *chuckles*                       

Stanley June: Awesome! Thanks, man.

Billy (Audioinferno): Sure thing. So I know the album is new, but what has the response been like in South Africa?

Stanley June: It’s still a bit early to say. I’ve gotten some great responses thus far and plenty of radio traction, so that’s a good sign I guess. Very curious to hear what all the critics have to.

Billy (Audioinferno): That’s nice. I really hope for the best. Have you played any shows for the album yet?

Stanley June: Thanks man. Not yet, starting a bit later this month. Very excited to take it to the stage

Billy (Audioinferno): That’s great bro. Really excited for you guys. That’s it man. Thanks for the chat. I had a good time

Stanley June: Thanks for all the support man, really appreciate it.

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