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Stasis Prey is a 5 member Zambian band based in Lusaka. They have been around for 4years.  A pretty energetic band. You can check them on youtube. We caught them during the week and we got talking.

Read up all they had to say.


Billy (Audioinferno): Thanks a lot for talking to me today guys. How have you been this week?

Lerato (Bass Guitar): Been good We had a pretty awesome gig on Saturday so still buzzing

Billy (Audioinferno): Nice. Great gigs are usually pretty awesome for morale. Can you guys tell me a bit about Stasis Prey and your journey so far?

Ben (Drummer): Lerato will likely fill you in. I’m pretty new to the band

Lerato (Bass Guitar): We’ve been around for about 4 years now. Our journey so far has been pretty up and down. We haven’t really had any other bands set a precedent for us in terms of the type of music/rock we do. So it’s really been building a fan base from the ground up and also finding platforms to express ourselves.

Billy (Audioinferno): How has that journey been so far in terms of achievements and challenges?

Lerato (Bass Guitar): Challenges have been facing stereotypes, regular bookings for gigs, regular practice… As for achievements, it’s difficult to say. I suppose setting a precedent for other bands to come on the scene.

Billy (Audioinferno): I’m very moved by this. You talked about not having any bands to set a precedent for your style of rock earlier and it makes me wonder about the rock scene in Zambia. What’s the state of Rock music over there?

Lerato (Bass Guitar): Interestingly, Zambia had a really strong rock scene in the 70s and a movement was created that was known as ZamRock.

Due to many different reasons, this was phased out and eventually lost prominence in the 80’s. Since then, rock music has been pretty non existent on any notable scale but there is a budding movement now and a number of bands have since sprung up since we began. We started out at around the same time as a band called Stardust Avenue, who are now known as Avaleum.

Billy (Audioinferno): Yeah I’ve heard about ZamRock. I even checked out some YouTube videos. I’m really glad to hear that there is a slow rebirth. Things can only look up from here. How would you describe your sound?

Lerato (Bass Guitar): Actually, I guess you could say an achievement was opening, alongside Avaleum, for Jagari Chanda of the legendary WITCH band last year.

Lerato (Bass Guitar): I don’t know if the guys will agree with me here but I would say alternative metal with some grunge elements. *laughs*

Ben (Drummer): I very much dislike the term ‘alternative’. Alternative to what? For the sake of labeling, I would say we have an early 2000s Nu Metal sound. Also dislike the Nu part so Metal will.

Lerato (Bass Guitar): Anyway, you will get different answers to that question from the band members and listeners alike.

Billy (Audioinferno): I realise that bands usually do not like to be ‘labelled’. I understand the reasons why though and it’s already a fun question to ask *laughs*

Ben (Drummer): Well it is important to have a genre or to be in one.

Lerato (Bass Guitar): I’m happy just to be described as rock.

Ben (Drummer): Please don’t put alternative. That doesn’t mean jack *laughs*

Billy (Audioinferno): On your social media you’re described as Garage Rock, Grunge and Alt Metal. Do you still have Garage Rock elements in your sound?

Ben (Drummer): We’re a metal band. What would be an example of garage rock?

Billy (Audioinferno): Let’s see, bands like The Growlers or The Orwells?

Ben (Drummer): Will have a listen and let you know. *laughs*

Lerato (Bass Guitar): I would say our early stuff had more of a garage rock feel to it.

The sound of the band has evolved quite a bit over the years. At a point, we were quite deliberately grunge in our sound. But decided not to get too bothered about labels and let the sound evolve naturally.

Ben (Drummer): Nah, there is a bit of grunge but we don’t sound anything like Mud Honey which to me are the definition of grunge. I’d say we’re very Deftones-esque, Sevendust / Breaking Benjamin. More of a clean cut, solid state distortion on the guitars with some screaming vocals

Billy (Audioinferno): That’s very understandable and expected. Who are your influences both individually and collectively?

Ben (Drummer): I’m a huge grunge fan – Pearl jam, sound garden, Alice in change, stone temple pilots, Melvins, mud honey etc. Love metal like Pantera, Sepulture, Queens of the Stone Age are a favorite as well. But, Tool are my favorite band by far.

Lerato (Bass Guitar): Metallica, Breaking Benjamin Muse, Anberlin are some bands in really like. Collectively, Chevelle is a band we have aspired after sonically

Ben (Drummer): Collectively we are all partial to a bit of Kenny G and Boys to Men. *laughs*

Billy (Audioinferno): That’s a healthy dose of diversity going for you guys. How many releases do you have so far?

Sina (Rhythm Guitar): I’m afraid not many *chuckles*

Lerato (Bass Guitar): About five or six, we’re currently working on an album though

Billy (Audioinferno): Awesome. Can’t wait to hear that. What’s your favourite song so far?

Lerato (Bass Guitar): Difficult to say probably Trailing From the Upside all things considered. *laughs*

Billy (Audioinferno): *laughs* Finally before I let you guys go, what inspired the name “Stasis Prey”?

Lerato (Bass Guitar): Tumelo came up with that name so he’s best suited to answer. But having heard him answer it a number of times… it’s basically an instruction to ‘keep it moving’ and not stay stagnant. Because to be in stasis is to be idle. And an idle mind is the devil’s workshop as they say. So to be in stasis is to become prey… so keep it moving!

Billy (Audioinferno): Awesome. Thanks a lot for making out time to talk to me today

Lerato (Bass Guitar): No worries! Love what you guys are doing at Audioinferno.

Billy (Audioinferno): We love it too. *chuckles*

Sina (Rhythm Guitar): Cool thanks

Ben (Drummer): Thanks for your interest. All the best

Billy (Audioinferno): Sure thing. Anytime

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