Interview With Hugene Koekemoer, Bass Guitarist Of Scarlotte Will


Scarlotte Will is a four piece band and hail from Gauteng South Africa. They have a very captivating sound and will keep you itching for more. They have 2 Eps and been together for 3 years. They are a great set of people to watch out for and we are keeping close tabs and delighted to talk with Bassist Hugene to bring you this interview.

The Interview

Billy (Audioinferno):  Thanks a lot for talking to me Hugene. How have you and the rest of the guys been?

Hugene (Scarlotte Will): Ah, only a pleasure bro, we have been pretty good I’d say. Keeping out of trouble.

Billy (Audioinferno):  *laughs* Nice. Since this is the first time Audioinferno is having a chat with you, can you tell us a bit about Scarlotte Will?

Hugene (Scarlotte Will): Yes! Thanks for the opportunity. Scarlotte Will is a four-piece alternative rock band scattered all over Gauteng. It started as Tristan’s idea when he moved back to Randfontein where we started hanging out and I warmed my way in. He knew Xan our drummer from their other band called Blazing Gooch and I knew Bez from when I was a student. We met up and just hit it off, even wrote our first single ‘Whale Song’ on that day! About three years later we have done three tours, released 2 EP’s and a music video. Currently we are writing our first full-length album and heading into studio for our first song early in July!

Billy (Audioinferno):  That sounds amazing. How has the experience been for you guys?

Hugene (Scarlotte Will): It has been amazing I would say, such a hustle but such an adventure, from the people around us that became our friends, jamming Oppikoppi twice, the music…joh, I can only be grateful!

Billy (Audioinferno):  That sounds awesome. Let’s talk about the SA Rock scene a bit. What has the response been like to your music in general?

Hugene (Scarlotte Will): It feels like we have had a good response so far, people react well at our shows; every now and then, we have a few people singing our songs with us, which is really a sick feeling when you spot it! *laughs*

The venues and bands around us have never really been a problem in regards to having us, so people are keen and it seems like they like what they hear.

Billy (Audioinferno):  That’s really good. Most times I talk to bands, they have a venue. Would you say you have it this good because of your type of sound?

Hugene (Scarlotte Will):: Like we do struggle at times when we tour and it’s like new territories, but I want to say Gauteng has so many great venues, usually its possible for us to travel an hour and be anywhere in the province. Our sound might contribute a bit, but it feels like we are more blessed by the organisers and other bands that always hook us up.

Billy (Audioinferno):  Great stuff. How would you describe your sound?

Hugene (Scarlotte Will): I want to say it’s pretty diverse as both Ep’s were written at different moments of our lives and was also produced and recorded in two totally different environments.

If I only had to use a few words I would say -Soul touching, shoulder grabbing and just overall, relative in-your-face rock!

Billy (Audioinferno):  Understandable and quite awesome. Who are your musical influences?

Hugene (Scarlotte Will): That’s also pretty cool, since we are from such different backgrounds we all have other influences that we bring to the party, but the obvious ones we have in common is stuff like Foo Fighters, Queens of The Stone Age, Biffy Clyro and Arctic Monkeys.

For me Kings of Leon and Block Party has been changing my life ever since I started playing bass.

Billy (Audioinferno):  *laughs* I love those bands as well. I can’t wait for your new album. Can you give us a little tip on what to expect?

Hugene (Scarlotte Will): *laughs* we are not really sure what to expect ourselves. We have added two new songs to the set over the last few months, one, which we feel, is ready, and then we have a bunch of ideas in the bank that we are working on, so it will be a surprise to everyone.

Since it’s an album, it feels like we have a chance to do what we want, before we had 5 songs that was already written when we went into studio and that’s it, now we have all this ‘space’ , and all the ideas is all over, so as we go it will fill the canvas!

I am sure we will be releasing a single or two before the official albums release. So there is that to look forward to.

Billy (Audioinferno):   Okay, I guess we’ll wait. This was awesome though and look forward to reviewing the album as soon as it drops…and thanks for making out time to chat today.

Hugene (Scarlotte Will): Bro! Thank you for the time and having me. It’s been such a pleasure.

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