[EP Review] Strife To Legacy by Irony Destroyed


Irony Destroyed is a Kenyan metalcore band that started in the year 2011. The bands had some major lineup changes but have pulled through all that and kept writing and making music. This year they have released their debut EP titled “Strife to Legacy.”


The EP starts off with the short but energetic “Strife” which is followed up by the remastered version of a previously released “OREON.” The vocals on the songs so far are quite “Brutal” for a metalcore band. That’s not a bad thing. It is a change of pace from the typical yells low screams and yells typically found in metalcore bands. Unfortunately, the instrumentation can sometimes feel like it’s a live rehearsal by a young band and that they still need to work on their co-ordination. The production value on the album is a bit on the poor side and sometimes sounds like I’m listening to a song with faulty speakers.

The third track “Fight back”, just helped me confirm the production issue with the EP. The song, while not played with the highest degree of precision, could have sounded a lot better. I think the song that suffered the most due to the production and the not too precise instrumentation is “Lazima Udie.” The clean vocals that come in towards the end of the song sound somewhat pleasant despite the poor production on the album.

The last two songs “The Dreamer” and “Dissolving the Bully” also sounded like they were well-written metalcore songs. Nothing ground breaking, but they still sounded like they could have been fun listens. The songs reminded me of bands like DESTROY THE RUNNER and LAST YEARS TRAGEDY. The breakdowns were well written and didn’t bring down the energy of the songs but rather kicked things up a notch.


There’s a lot of thoughts that went through my mind as I listened to the EP. On one hand, I can see how this could have been a decent record. I can see what the band had in mind when they wrote the songs on this record. The harsh vocals are really harsh and ferocious. And when cleans are present, they actually sound pleasant. The timing and the tempo of their breakdowns are actually quite good as well and I think that is due to their song writing and composition.

But I’m not sure what stage in the production of the EP things just didn’t click. Because this record was difficult to listen to. If I were just a casual listener browsing through the web for bands and I came across any of the songs on this EP, it would be the last time I consciously listen to them.  While the production on the album is on the low side, I don’t think that’s the only issue the album has.

I have listened to band demo tapes and such that had similar levels sound quality as this EP. And while the sound quality of those was not so great either, I still enjoyed some of them. And that us why I feel that their skills still need some polish. Some parts of songs feel like… mistakes were made. Like a note was played too soon or too late. Like the timing of the drums being off at some point. And not in a progressive rock odd time signature way. I hope IRONY DESTROYED can step it up on their next effort, production-wise and instrumentally.

Ratings 1.5/5


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