[EP Review] The Cosmic Strange by The Cosmic Strange


In 2015, Josh and Nick came together to create The Cosmic Strange. With the addition of James on Bass Guitar and Jethro on Drums later in 2016, they created the current line-up of the band. After playing local gigs for a period and gaining some attraction, the band decided to give themselves to creating their sound, which is popularly described as ‘drawing in equal measure from the acid-tinged waters of neo-psychedelia and the melodically rich textures of indie rock.’

Finally, in the first week of July 2017, they presented us with the result of all that hard work in the form of their first and self-titled EP.


Sunsnare (a previously released single) begins this EP and it’s very obvious from the first few minutes where this band’s strengths lie. The infectious guitar licks, beautifully crafted melodies and eclectic composition makes this energetic song I can play repeatedly. Sunsnare is like ice-cream- sweet, tasty and keeps you coming back for more. Whatever Goes changes the pace of the EP and it’s on this track the psychedelic elements start to bleed through. It kind of feels like ‘a marching band playing in an acid clubhouse’ (and I mean this as a huge compliment).

Hypnotize (also a previously released single) is an upbeat Post-Punk Revival song and it reflects most of the elements of the genre. It’s fun and emphasises the bass guitar and drums a lot more than any song on the EP. I should also say that the chorus is very catchy (it’s impossible to hear ‘Whoa whoa whoa whoa…’ and not break into an awkward dance).  The Tide closes this EP and it happens to be the longest track. I personally feel like this track is the most versatile song on this record as it explores most of the elements described in their sound.


I love EPs a little more than albums because I feel like they are the stepping-stones bands use to explore new terrain in their creative process. Indie and Psychedelia are two of my favourite genres so I went into this with expectation and a readiness to criticise.

Gladly, I wasn’t disappointed and The Cosmic Strange is definitely going to be on repeat on my playlist. This doesn’t mean that they are at the peak of their creative process, in fact, they have ways to go. Still, this is a very solid foundation to build on and I am proud to say I’m a fan of this band.



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