{New Single} Perfect Disguise by All We’ve Known

All We’ve known is a blend of metalcore, electronic core band all the way from Port Elizabeth in South Africa. They’ve been playing live shows since 2015 since the band’s inception in 2014. On May 2016, they released their debut EP called ‘Human Nature‘ in which Audioinferno did a review on. Click here to view review

Their debut EP ‘Human Nature’ also won runner up for best EP at the 2017 South African Metal Music Awards in which is a big win for them and also a good positive starting point for the band. After their debut EP which received positive reviews from us at Audioinferno, Perfect Disguise is the next new heavy material they just recorded which is also a taste of how their upcoming album will sound like. Now they are about to go into studio to record their first full length album named Dissidence.

Listen to Perfect Disguise by All we’ve known

“Perfect Disguise” is about how people are so quick to judge without listening. They follow the corporate stuff and have a very negative view on alternative things. Its about not getting recognition because what we do is not commercially accepted. Then saying that we are going to change that because what actually is commercially accepted is a selfish money making game – Shaun Manley (Guitarist, All We’ve Known)

Then we here at Audioinferno asked Dill Jones, the guitarist of the band what fans expect on their upcoming album and is the album gonna sound like perfect disguise?

Fans can expect a mix of crushing heavy songs and nice melodic metalcore with our own style of electro mixed in. We obviously have a new influence in our band in Shaun our guitarist writing new songs. Our style has changed slightly with him but we’re happy with the way we’re moving forward – Dill Jones (Guitarist, All We’ve Known)

Then we went ahead to ask the vocalist how he feels on All We’ve known winning best runner up for SAMMA awards?

Well when we were nominated we were truly humbled, due to the fact that we’ve only been at it for 2,5 years and placed in the same caliber of bands we’ve looked up to. Obviously we were a little disappointed to not win the category, but we knew Riddlebreaks EP was epic. We were really stoked to make runner-up which made the reward of writing an EP that bit sweeter🤘💪👊Vaughn Botha (Guitarist, All We’ve Known)

Support your local bands and we here at Audioinferno are hearing Port Elizabeth in South Africa have a great metal scene, we sure will be exploring there soon enough.


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