[Song Review] Voyage of Men by Dustland Express

Voyage of Men

I’ll be a bit honest here see, I only recently started delving into the realms of ‘experimental rock.’ I’m a curious cat. So I got the chance to review Voyage of Men by the band Dustland Express and I was like… “might as well”. But well before we get into the review you will have to forgive me for making references to other bands here. In some cases it’s usually inevitable, so here goes it, this song feels like something right out of the belly of Meatloaf, I am talking of course of the glorious album that is Bat Out of Hell II. So, yea, I love this song.

The Song Voyage of Men

It’s a bit difficult to describe what Wagnerian rock is, but Meatloaf is closely associated with it but enough of Meatloaf, let’s talk Voyage of Men by these guys who can’t seem to get me to stop talking about Meatloaf! I hear Dustland Express have an album titled, The Question Sir, is Why? dropping next month and I want in on that just for this song here. It’s brilliant and as far as I can hear, the winner in this song isn’t only the entire composition or the velvet delivery of the vocals. The real winner here, is the piano moments. That there really brings it all together. It seem to hold the song down in such a grounded way. The the song goes into a brief church choir moment and I’m like, “oh you guys”. Was that a breakdown? Maybe, Lord knows they come in different manners these days and Lord knows we are trying to keep track of them all.

But you can’t deny this moment was a welcome shift or change in tone to the music. In fact, the song is filled with a lot of changes in tone. No down time here. Get you pumped this song. I applaud that.  There’s a little call-and-chant moment in this song, a little external distraction and you could miss it super easily. But when you do pick it up, it might be your favorite part of the song. Well, maybe for you but nothing is getting pass my love for the piano moments. I realise now I’m about to talk about it again. I can but, it’s may drown the entire glory of the song so, forgive me here.


While this song here doesn’t embody everything experimental rock, it is a good place to start if you ever got curious about the genre. I got curious years ago and I’ve usually been impressed with anything with the ‘experimental’ label slapped on it. Voyage of Men gets you going. It feels like a triumphant song to play when you quit your job because your boss was a complete door knob. So, if you have that moment be sure this song plays in your car as you drive onto much better things.

Final Rating:  4.5/5 Stars

Keep supporting your local bands. Rock on \m/


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