Cape Town’s female-fronted TERMINATRYX is celebrating its 15th anniversary!


In 2002 Paul Blom and Sonja Ruppersberg protested against the barrage of pandering radio-pop, commercial love songs and second rate American Hip-Hop imitations in their native country of South Africa, by creating TERMINATRYX – blending their eclectic love of Alternative, harder and electronic music, with that of the moods created by Sci-Fi / Horror / Extreme movies, perceptions of the world around them, and a touch of sexually charged danger to initialize their own dark edged Alternative / Industrial-Rock movement, something of which there is a short supply in this beautiful, sunny country with a dark and bloody history.

Since then they cultivated and sculpted their sound, systematically shaping these creations, encapsulating the fusion-, symbiosis- and corruption of man & technology, illustrating and supplementing it with a wide range of moods and subjects, from the duality of man, socio-political & protest grievances, the media & consumerism, to alien visitation, an alternative to the traditional love song, a critical tirade, biological- and digital infection, emotional matters, mythical creatures, relationships and impacting instrumentals. The band also includes one track per album in one of their local languages, Afrikaans. A strong sense of individuality, emotional consciousness, free speech, and free choice filters throughout. Reacting on the state of the world (and beyond), there is no mincing of words.

 Live shows linked to this one and a half decade milestone includes three events at:

  • The Recent Metal4Africa’s Winterfest at 7pm on 29 July 2017 (12 Viben Ave, Cape Town) – 8 bands, all day event incl. Megalodon, Sacrifist, Skinflint & more
  • Official 15th Anniversary show on 26 August (ROAR, Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town) – plus guests With Dawn and Khemical Krypt
  • 18 ‘Til I Die – all ages show, 30 September (ROAR, Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town) – 6 band event incl. Reverse The Sands, The Fallen Prophets and ANF from Namibia.


  • At the 18 ‘Til I Die show, “Remyx v2.0”, the remixes of the 2014 “Shadow” album will be released (with individual singles dropped leading up to it).
  • Exciting remixers include Industriezone (Belgium), and SA artists like Grimehouse, Battery 9, iRONic and more.


The latest kick-ass TERMINATRYX music video was released at the recent Winterfest show.

The clip is for the iRONic remix of the song “Medusa” – The Flamedrop Production was directed by Terminatryx members Ronnie and Sonja. It went live globally, midnight 29 July on Youtube at (where all band videos can also be accessed).

This is the first single from the soon-to-be-released “Remyx v2.0” (remixes of the Terminatryx “Shadow” album). The Medusa remix single (and its original) is available at as well as “Shadow” and all other Terminatryx release

As part of the 15th anniversary celebration a weekly retrospective of the band’s video archive will feature at the Facebook page:

Follow Terminatryx on their social media handles.

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