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Lucy is the lead singer of the band Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys and they just released their debut album, ‘Summer’s Not That Simple’. Have fun while you read through the interview

The Interview

Billy (Audioinferno):  Thanks for making out time to talk to me today Lucy. Can you tell me a bit about Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys?

Lucy Kruger: We’re a five piece band made up of a group of friends who share a similar obsession with music that makes you feel. We’ve been playing together – in a number of different outfits – for about five years.

I write most of the songs in my bedroom and then bring them to the Lost Boys who help me bring the songs to life. It’s important to me that I feel comfortable and trusting of them as humans and as musicians. The songs are really like intimate conversations with a sonic language. We make something that sits between psychedelic folk and dream pop.

Billy (Audioinferno): Sounds pretty awesome. I have to confess, I’m a fan.

Lucy Kruger: Thank you very much. That’s lovely to hear. You know the album relatively well then?

Billy (Audioinferno):  I listen to a lot of Psychedelic music and I’m a huge dream pop follower. Yeah I’m very familiar with “Summer’s Not That Simple”

I find that I prefer to listen to the album at a stretch because for me every song feels like a conceptual extension of the previous.

I want to ask about the creative process behind this album. What exactly was going through your mind?

Lucy Kruger: That’s very much how I’d hoped listeners would engage. To be honest, I write very instinctively. Almost naively. So I do not go in with very clear intentions.

I was struggling a bit to feel connected to the things around me and made a commitment to myself that I would write every day for three months.

Billy (Audioinferno):  That’s really admirable.

Lucy Kruger: Starting on the 1st of January last year. I made sure to journal, to scribble, to talk nonsense. And then pick up my guitar and see what came out.

Billy (Audioinferno):  Oh wow. Well, I can assure you it definitely wasn’t nonsense.

Lucy Kruger: It didn’t feel at the time that I was making great progress. But I ended up with this collection of songs and because they were all written quite close together. There are a few very clear themes that emerged.

Billy (Audioinferno):  Let’s talk about the two videos

Lucy Kruger: Sure. What would you like to know?

Billy (Audioinferno):  Winter was a collaboration with filmmaker and photographer Caroline Mackintosh, and black spot was a collaboration with filmmaker Joff. Who decided on the creative direction of those videos?

Was it your idea or was it sort of you guys putting ideas together?

Lucy Kruger: I knew from the beginning that I wanted to work with water. It came though as quite a strong theme from early on. I then went to both filmmakers with this idea/feeling and let them build on the feeling/mood/direction.

I love and trust their work very much.

Billy (Audioinferno):  It was brilliant!

Lucy Kruger: I shot a mock up version of the album cover at my home in Durban in December and took that to Caroline. We then re-did the shoot in Cape Town. The video brought that still to life in a way that was very meaningful to me.

Billy (Audioinferno):  I remember seeing the YouTube link to “Winter” and I didn’t know what to expect. 15 seconds in, i was in awe. That was the moment I realized I needed to talk to you

Lucy Kruger: Thank you very much. I’m very proud of those collaborations. That’s great to hear

Billy (Audioinferno):  How many releases do you have out so far?

Lucy Kruger: As Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys?

Billy (Audioinferno):  Yeah

Lucy Kruger: This is our first full length. We released an EP about three years ago.

Billy (Audioinferno):  Nice. How many releases as Lucy Kruger?

Lucy Kruger: I released an album called ‘Cut Those Strings’ in 2012.

Billy (Audioinferno):  Okay. How would you compare the general sound of that album to this new one?

Lucy Kruger: They’re quite far apart. I had never worked with a band before recording that first album nor worked with a producer.

I wasn’t very confident in knowing what I wanted and so gave him quite a lot of creative freedom. I learnt a lot from the process.

This new album is much more understated in its approach to production. It feels more truthful.

Billy (Audioinferno):  What’s the response to the album in South Africa been like?

Lucy Kruger: I’m not sure how it’s been received on a broader scale – but the people that are close to me – and some of the others that have reached out – seemed to connect to it in a meaningful way. I think if you are honest in your creative process, the songs will connect to those who need to hear it. That may not be many people, but could be very special for those that do.

Billy (Audioinferno):  I get that. Have you played the album any venues? Also, is there a plan for a tour?

Lucy Kruger: When we launched the album we did shows in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. We have another show coming up on the 8th of August at Bob’s District, on the 6th of October at Rocking the Daisies and then we’ll be at Cafe Roux on the 7th of December. Some things might come up in between then.

At the moment we’re busy working on a new Medicine Boy album so we’re not playing too many shows.

Billy (Audioinferno):  That sounds pretty cool. Finally Lucy. How do you balance the various projects you’re involved with?

Lucy Kruger: Good question. I’m not entirely sure of the answer.

I’m constantly trying to figure that out and it changes but I think it’s healthy to have different outlets.

At times one thing will take preference over another.

For a while it was The Lost Boys, at the moment it’s Medicine Boy.

What is lovely about it is that I can write freely and then decide for what project the material might work best and shift it accordingly. So I don’t have to limit or control my creative process too much.

Billy (Audioinferno):  I think your work ethic is admirable. Thanks a lot for talking to me today Lucy. It’s been a lot of fun talking to you

Lucy Kruger: Thank you so much. It was lovely talking to you.

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