You need to hear this new single ‘Unholy Righteousness from Egyptian nu-metal band ‘Outcast44’

Outcast44, a nu-metal band from Egypt just released their 2nd track “Unholy Righteousness” off their “Behind their Curtains” album which is set to come out later this year. A huge fan of this band here which is the only nu-metal band in Egypt I know of. If there are others that you would like Audioinferno to know about, use the comment section. Let’s not forget this band is a 2 man band which has 2 powerful Egyptian metal vocalist namely: Sayed “Silverback” Ragai (Vocals & Lyricist & Composer) and Zander Adam (Vocals & Producer & Composer)

Our new track “Unholy Righteousness” is simply a story of possession, it’s talking about someone haunted by an evil spirit that’s draining him alive as he’s a strife-torn of a fight between a sorcerer and a priest that each one of them trying to prove a point, till he reached the point of loving death to escape this pain and torturer that he’s suffering from and the lyrics is explaining everything regarding this case ~ Sayed Ragai

 We also spoke to Tareq Tohammy who happens to be a solo artist that plays mainly acoustic Rock, Country and Indie and see what he has to say about the track.
Working with two of my real brothers made me feel like I was born for this music, showed the side I was hiding deep down in me, real talents struggling together to get their voices reached to many ears around the globe, been such an honor and would love to re-do this in the future , fighting for the rights riding with the Outcast44
We are going to be reviewing this authentic African nu-metal track so stay tuned to Audioinferno and support your local bands \m/


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