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Worsens is a Progressive Metal band that hails from Cairo, Egypt. The band is made up of “Hendy” on bass, “Abdo” on guitar, Ahmed Sokkar on guitar and backing vocals, and Magdy on Drums and LEAD VOCALS…!! That’s right people, the band’s drummer is the lead vocalist! Now I envy all who have seen them live. After their formation in 2014, the band released a hand-full of singles over the years. In 2017, they dropped their 14 track Debut album “Taht El-talab”. And “Taht El-talab” is the topic of discussion. So let’s get to it.


Taht El-talab

The album kicks off with “Taht El-talab”. It is a pretty fast paced track that lets you know, for the most part, what to expect from the album. One thing I praise the band for is how audible the Bass lines are. “Noah” starts off with clean guitars playing giving it this haunting and/or ambient feel. The song is a decent listen for the most part but the chorus of the song…is STELLER. I dare say it’s the song with the most endearing chorus on the album. The song barely falls short of the 7-minute mark, as I have come to expect from a band that falls under the progressive metal label. But the song writing and structure on the song feel more HEAVY METAL/SPEED METAL… maybe a little thrash. But I didn’t hear anything that would make me label the song as a progressive metal song.

Labayke Al-nada

“Labayke Al-nada”, the fourth track on the album, is one of the longest tracks on the album. It features Nada Adel whose presence can be heard immediately the singing begins. The vocals on this song are what really made this song such an amazing listen the first time I listened to the album. While the instrumentation on the song is not bad, I was not particularly blown away by them.

Dokhan, Ard El-mot, and Mawwal El-khatawy

Dokhan” comes up half way on the album and is the one song on the album that features a lot of harsh vocals, giving it a bit of a classic death metal vibe. This is followed up by “Ard El-mot”, a fast paced, heavy metal-esque track which may step on the breaks at times, but for the most part is a pretty aggressive track. “The Story of…” which is the longest track on the album, spanning over 9 minutes in length feels like it would have been better off being shorter. That or the song could have been made more interesting with a more complex song instrumentation to keep listeners engaged. The album comes to a close with “Mawwal El-khatawy” an acoustic dominated track that could be used as a soundtrack to an action movie. It’s hard to explain why it feels that way, but it does. To me anyway.


Worsens didn’t do badly on “Taht El-talab”. The vocals were really interesting to listen. Honestly, The vocalist did really good work on the album. The presence of the guest artists was felt, especially on the song “Labayke Al-nada”. And the production quality of the album was nice. Every instrument was audible and it lets you as a listener know that every part of the band had something to offer. I also liked how the album was recorded in such a way that you could picture what the band would sound like live.

But while listening to “Taht El-talab”, I kept asking myself if I was listening to a progressive metal band. The things I’m used to hearing on progressive metal songs were quite absent on the album. Things like Odd time signatures, complex instrumentation, and atypical song structure were not really present on the album. And when it felt like they were, they didn’t really catch my attention. If I wasn’t told that they were a progressive metal band, I probably would not have guessed it. And maybe I would have enjoyed the album more if I came into this thinking I was just listening to a straight up Heavy Metal band. But still, there’s some potential in this band. A little more than “some” actually. I just wish more of the songs were endearing enough to make me want to listen to the album over again.

FINAL RATING:  3/5 stars

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