[Album Review] The Question Sir, Is Why? by Dustland Express


Axl here again on review duties… again. I don’t get paid for this but, here we are, again. On my desk I have me The Question Sir, IS Why? by Dustland Express. You know these guys then you know experimental rock. Now, if you know your experimental rock you know it’s either a confusing experience or a damn fun joy ride of unusualness (I had to check if that was a real word, it is, you learnt something. This doubles as an educational review too.) By the end of this review, you’ll know where I stand.

Bat Out of Hell, That’s Why!

The easiest way to nail my attention is to sound like something out of the 80s and 90s. If you manage to put your own spin on there then well, we are buddies for life. The album wastes no time in setting its unusual tone (experimental.) You feel the guys sat in a small room and said, “Hey, you know what let’s all just do what we want and see if it syncs.” Yes, it does sync and it feels great on the ear. Voyage of Men felt like something right out of Meatloaf’s belly. Then, in 1993, the album Bat Out of Hell II was released and it completely destroyed the perception of what music is or what it could be. The album had a way of making you feel different every time you heard it. The song doesn’t remind me of this here feeling, no, it does, however, sound a lot like what Meatloaf would do and that is saying something. Gosh, I hope that doesn’t pressure in any way. I refuse to talk about all the other songs, instead, I will talk about the album as a whole…

The Question then

Is this album worth your time? Well, let’s put it this way, is the pope catholic? Did Nigeria get invaded by the British? Was Shaka the Zulu bad ass? I think the answer is clear here. It’s a lovely album here. I usually try to get that out there as fast as I can. It’s an album littered full of variety, yes and it always seems to leave me wanting to listen to it in different circumstances. I jogged with this album a couple of days ago, it works. I was road raging the other day, this album fueled it all. Don’t rage and drive kids, please don’t. I was having a weak day during this review and listening to the album was uplifting. An album has to be special to fit almost every emotion you must be filling. My only fear for this here is, perhaps people aren’t ready for the random nature of this album, it could be all too much for people who expect their albums or bands to follow a straight line. Not many people are open to such. I like my albums keeping me in suspense anyway so this works for me. Don’t let the experimental tag turn you off. Seen too many people look the other way when albums have the “project or experimental” label gets slapped on it. For me, that usually screams fun and yes, I love me a fun album.


Experimental is fun and this is a fun album. The tag might scare people away but said people are missing out on something worth every time of day so, it most definitely sucks to be them. I think I owe Billy a beer now. He did say I’d love the album, he was right but I’m not going to give him that beer. Nope! Get this album says I.

Final Rating:  



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