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Earlier this week, we reviewed the album ‘The Question Sir. is Why? from Dustland express and it got a whopping something/5 Rating  :-D! To see the review check it here. So Billy got talking to the band member Kamil and here is what he had to say Enjoy


Billy (Audioinferno):  Hey Kamil, thanks for making the time to talk to us at Audioinferno today. How are you and the rest of the guys?

Kamil (Dustland Express): It’s a pleasure dude. I’m well, and the rest of the band are all good (I hope)

Billy (Audioinferno): Cool. Can you tell me a little about Dustland Express? How did this incredible journey begin for you guys?

Kamil (Dustland Express): Well I joined up with Scott about 10 years ago in another band called ManInSuit. That ended about 2 years after I joined and Scott and I were still keen to make music. So, we started up a new band called Dustland Express. We wanted to create music that was different but still catchy. We love our choruses. Originally there was Scott and I, Brent from ManInSuit and Zack. We’ve had many member changes over the years which led us to where we are now, with Mike on drums, Brendan and Gareth on guitar, Scott still wailing and myself on production and keys.

Billy (Audioinferno): laughs Wailing. I like that, I really like that. Let’s talk about the new album dropping on the 10th of this month. First off, I have to ask, what inspired the name “The Question, Sir, Is Why?”

Kamil (Dustland Express): It’s really hard to say actually. Before almost every writing session Scott and I would light up a hubbly and have a few beers and chat about whatever we thought about the world. Those conversations would always appear somehow in our songs. We wouldn’t really talk about it while writing, Scott would just flow. One of our songs we named, the question sir, is why? Before even writing any part of the song (it just felt right). Considering how we think and the way we wrote the album, it was apt to name the album that too.

Billy (Audioinferno): Nice. You’re often called an Experimental Rock band. I listen to Experimental Rock a lot and I know that description is usually very vague because most experimental rock bands never sound alike. How would describe your sound?

Kamil (Dustland Express): We’re heavily influenced by movie and game scores. I’d like to say it’s rock mixed with lord of the rings or Edward scissor hands.

Billy (Audioinferno): Luckily, I can relate with those references. I listened to ‘Voyage Of Men’ and I absolutely loved that song. If I’m correct this is your debut album as Dustland Express right?

Kamil (Dustland Express): Yeah, we have an EP but this is our first album

Billy (Audioinferno): That’s awesome. Have you played any of the new songs at any shows yet?

Kamil (Dustland Express): Yeah, we’ve played quite a few actually. ‘Voyage of men’ is a really fun one live, and ‘Poetic injustice of rats’ is popular, as it’s the only one we have a music video for

Billy (Audioinferno): Amazing stuff. What’s the response been like so far from the fans?

Kamil (Dustland Express): Very positive. Can’t think of any negative reactions to the album so far. Which is pretty cool, but then again, not many people have heard it yet.

Billy (Audioinferno): That’s true. I’m sure it’s a fun album all round. Do you have any tour plans?

Kamil (Dustland Express): We plan to tour South Africa, but likely will only be able to do it mid next year. Possibly end of this year, by the way, what experimental rock do you listen to?

Billy (Audioinferno): Oh great. Well, I’m a huge fan of a band called Falling Up, I also love Algiers and Radiohead has been experimental over the last decade. But they all sound pretty different.

Kamil (Dustland Express): Ok cool. Yeah, I have no idea what falls into that category.

Billy (Audioinferno): I think of it a fusion genre of sorts; Rock music seems to be evolving with time and a lot of people are getting creative with their writing and composing.

Kamil (Dustland Express): I’m going to check those first two bands out

Billy (Audioinferno): Awesome. Okay last question bro, are you familiar with the African Rock scene outside South Africa?

Kamil (Dustland Express): Not at all unfortunately. You?

Billy (Audioinferno): Well, we’re based in Nigeria and at Audioinferno one of our major goals is uniting the African Rock Community. So yes, I’m quite familiar with the scene.

Kamil (Dustland Express): Ah ok. Well, let me know of anyone I should check out!

Billy (Audioinferno): I definitely will. Thanks a lot for chatting with me today bro.

Kamil (Dustland Express): Oh yeah for sure, anytime.

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