[EP Release] Ravenous by Hypergiant A.E

Hypergiant A.E is a Johannesburg based Deathcore band with small elements of Djent that started in June 2015 with the recruitment of their bassist (Luca) and their lead guitarist (Dylan). Then they wrote a song at that point and they decided to look for a vocalist as they wanted to record a single. They tried a couple of guys and decided on their current vocalist (Pierre). At that point, they wrote one more song and started to save money to record their Ep in early 2016.  In the recording process they lost their lead guitarist Dylan due to having no time to play for them anymore and then in September 2016, Damian emigrated to Australia so they only had 4 songs recorded and decided that they would just leave their Ep at 4 songs. They hit a bit of a brick wall as they couldn’t find a drummer but early this year they found the man for the job Peter. Also shortly after wrapping up their recording process, they found a second guitarist (Mike) which is now their current solid line up.

Audioinferno came in contact with the band and we asked Rheese Van Der Merwe some questions about their debut E.P, Enjoy the Interview

Austin of Audioinferno: Tell me a bit about the themes and tone of your EP “Ravenous.”?

Rheese, guitarist of Hypergiant A.E:

The themes and tone of Ravenous is based all along misanthropy and humanities never ending need to conquer all life.

Austin of Audioinferno: Does your band have any upcoming one-off shows, tour dates, or festival appearances to support your EP?

Rheese, guitarist of Hypergiant A.E:

We do not have any shows lined up as of yet as we wanted to release our music before we played live. We are however working on playing shows here in Johannesburg in the next couple of months. We will probably also try do a small nation tour next year to promote our Ep.

Austin of Audioinferno: Explain the creative process of recording and producing the EP?

Rheese, guitarist of Hypergiant A.E:

The creative process was to have all the songs we wanted to record, ready and practiced before we went to studio. We then hit up a good friend of ours at Watts Recording Production named Clint and started to book recording time. We initially just booked time to record 1 song due to cash flow (recording music is an expensive thing) but after a couple of months we saved enough to record the rest. We started recording by doing rough guitar guide tracks, followed by drums, rhythm/lead guitars, bass and then vocals. In the recording process our producer Clint came up with a lot of extra hooks and parts we never initially thought of so basically he can be considered a part of the band haha. Recording is always a long and tedious process as you want to get the absolute best product so there were many hours spent on guitar tuning and redoing part over and over haha. Clint’s favourite thing to say was “That’s an 80% but I think you can do a 90%”

Austin of Audioinferno: Were there any bumps along the way in getting “Ravenous” finished and ready to go?

Rheese, guitarist of Hypergiant A.E:

There were many bumps along the road to mention a few including losing members in the middle of recording and trying to synchronize everyone’s schedules as we all have day jobs. Getting everyone in the band to studio is like herding cats, haha.

Austin of Audioinferno: Who designed your EP artwork?

Rheese, guitarist of Hypergiant A.E:

Our artwork and lyric video was done by Sherlic White from a company called Alt Reign Media and we are so happy with the work he has done for us!

Austin of Audioinferno: What’s the one S.A band you’ve shared the stage with that really made you think “ I never expected to be doing this” and which member of a band would you like to record with in your upcoming songs?

Rheese, guitarist of Hypergiant A.E:

Haha seen as we haven’t played live yet I’ll just mention some S.A. bands we’d like to share the stage with. We’d definitely love to play with Megalodon, Creating The Godform, Peasant, Reason to Live and 13th Empire just to name a few 🙂

We would be reviewing their EP, stay tuned to Audioinferno for more on Hypergiant A.E. Shoutout to Clinton Nicholas Watts, a producer of the South African Metal Scene and let’s not forget Sherlic White also that designs artwork of albums and Eps. Cheers

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